U.S. slapped by S&P – Will Conservatives learn and fight?

For the first time in history, Standard & Poor’s hit the American economy with a major warning, changing their view of our prospects from stable to negative.

The top ratings agency put the United States on notice yesterday that it could lose its AAA rating if it does not act quickly to pare down our deficits and total national debt.

If we as a country refuse to immediately address the federal spending spree we will be responsible for a catastrophic collapse of our economy.  That is why the GOP Trust has launched a national ad campaign to STOP CONGRESS FROM RAISING THE DEBT CEILING!

Spending cuts will never be taken seriously until Congress stops voting to increase the limit on the national credit card.  The Debt Ceiling vote is our best opportunity to finally start the fiscal restoration of our country.

Please GO HERE NOW and help us get these important ads on the air. 

We are finishing up the production stage right now

and with your help will be on the air later this week.

The U.S. will not lose its AAA rating if our leaders in Washington make the tough decisions needed to tackle the out of control federal spending binge.  If our leaders continue to kick the can down the road we will pay the price severely.

If we lose our AAA rating it is likely that we will not even be able to pay the interest on our massive debt once our rates are readjusted.  We will find ourselves in a debt trap of which there is no escape. 

We must act now!

David Beers, managing director at S&P, told the Washington Times that other AAA-rated nations like the United Kingdom, Germany and France had debt concerns, but he said these countries started tackling their debt problems over a year ago while the U.S. was still rapidly adding to its massive debt.
“In all these cases [in Europe], the governments are clearly on the path to bringing the deficits down. The United States is not,” he said.

It is time to take away the government’s credit card and force our leaders to address the issue that will destroy our great nation.

Our ad campaign can do it but we must buy massive chunks of airtime to energize all of America and show the political establishment that this must be done.  This is not negotiable!

Help us get these ads on the air today!
Join the Fight to Save our Country!

This is a fight that we can and should win.  The Republican leadership controls this debate.

THE GOOD NEWS- Obama cannot raise the debt ceiling without Republican votes in both the House and Senate.
THE BAD NEWS- The Republican leadership’s actions on tax and spending reform so far have been atrocious.  Last week’s budget deal was proven a sham.
We cannot let Republican leadership throw our principles under the busagain.  They must hear from all of us and we must get the American public involved in saving our country from the runaway debt.
Our national ad campaign will deliver a massive victory for tax and spending reform.


If the Republican leadership failed to learn from last year’s historic elections… it is now our duty to not only educate them but to hold their feet to the fire.  If they refuse to stand up for America we will replace them with new leaders who get it.

We have seen issues like this too many times before.  Conservatives fight the good fight until the political establishment with all of its money and political influence garner enough votes to pass any level of spending increase they desire.

Our ads will fight back against the establishment and the liberal media and give the conservatives in Congress the support they need to win this fight.

We have a chance to stop the spending spree and start our country back on the road to fiscal sanity.  We can do it but we must all come together and we must act fast.

The vote is only weeks away unless Republicans cave in to the political establishment sooner.
We can do it but we must act now!

All we have to do is force all Republicans to hold the line and do the job they were elected to do.
Thank you for your tremendous support for The GOP Trust.  GO HERE NOW! 
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

Executive Director
PS-  Please forward this letter to your friends and family.  We need as many soldiers in this fight as possible.

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