Seeing red, PAC is down on Scott Brown

The National Republican Trust spent nearly $100,000 last year to help Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, but now the conservative political group wishes it had that money back to help kick Mr. Brown out of office.

Saying the Republican senator is no different from a Democrat, the head of the group is calling for Mr. Brown to donate to charity or disgorge campaign money equal to how much the trust spent supporting him during the 2010 campaign.

The trust’s executive director, Scott Wheeler, said supporters knew Mr. Brown wasn’t going to be a die-hard conservative when they supported him early and often in his run against Martha Coakley, the Democratic state attorney general and once heavy favorite to succeed Mr. Kennedy

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Tea Party Leader Lt. Ilario Pantano

Former U.S. Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano, felt compelled to let you know just how much your support of the GOP Trust meant to his campaign.  I consider Ilario a true American patriot and hero and know that you will agree that his message accurately points out two of the most important issues facing our country today: Repealing Healthcare and Cutting Spending.

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Last year, I almost pulled off one of the biggest election upsets in recent history. While we came up just a hair short, we laid the foundation for conservative candidates and policies that will continue for years to come.  This outstanding effort was all made possible by patriots like my friend Scott Wheeler and the National Republican Trust PAC and fellow conservatives like you.

Now the GOP Trust is taking charge again and leading the conservative agenda on Capitol Hill to repeal healthcare, cut spending, hold members accountable for their votes and to recruit viable conservative candidates across the country.

The GOP Trust was one of the first to identify my sleeper race in North Carolina. Their crucial early support allowed me to build traction and deliver a conservative campaign message focusing on less government: Prosperity through Freedom and strong national security: Peace through Strength.

With their support we were able to connect with voters across a district that had been Democrat for 140 years! In the end we forced a 14 year incumbent to spend his entire union funded $1.9 million war chest.

Nancy Pelosi even had to borrow $17 million to protect supposedly safe Democrats like her blue dogs/lapdogs. While we came up short this time, we were part of a national effort that enabled a larger conservative sweep.

Scott and the National Republican Trust team saw an opportunity to support a campaign early that could punch well beyond its weight. They successfully did this all across the country and helped restore our nation on last fall’s historic Election Day.

Please join with me and help them do it again!  GO HERE NOW!

The National Republican Trust has just launched two very expensive national campaigns to Repeal Healthcare and to Cap Our National Debt and stop the federal spending spree.

These are the two most important issues facing our Country today.  We conservatives must come together to pressure Congress to do the right thing.  If we win these two battles we will have made significant strides in reviving our economy, limiting government growth and restoring a constitutional government.

Please click here and join the fight!

The GOP Trust has consistently delivered for the conservative cause and if we support them now they will deliver another massive blow to the Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi agenda.

Harry Reid has already said he will not bring up any repeal of Healthcare in the Senate and Republicans are already starting to lose ground in the debate over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling again!

This is unacceptable!  We must act swiftly and with great purpose.

The LA Times just reported that Obama “is enjoying a surge in public approval as he marks the midpoint of his term, with independent voters who were instrumental to Republican victories in last year’s congressional elections beginning to swing back to the president.”

Obama has gained another bump in the polls after his State of the Union address. Obama has clearly shown that he will lie and do anything to manipulate the political rhetoric on Capitol Hill to get re-elected and the media will let him.

We have too much to lose to sit idly by.  WE MUST ACT NOW!


We cannot allow Obama or his radical agenda to regain any momentum.  It is critical we tell all Americans the truth about Obama’s policies and build a massive public outcry that forces Congress to act responsibly.

The GOP Trust urgently needs your support to get their videos and TV ads on the airwaves and to fully launch their strategic grassroots campaign!

Please consider supporting this worthwhile group.  You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed $5,000.  Every dollar will go to preserving the America we love.

Please GO HERE NOW. Together we will make a difference.

Semper Fi,

Ilario Pantano

PS- Please look out for the GOP Trust’s new Repeal Obamacare video coming out early next week.

Thank you for taking the time to read Ilario’s important message.  I look forward to fighting alongside you as we take back our country.  Together we will stop the out of control federal spending binge, repeal Obamacare, shrink the size of government and elect a true citizen legislature that is governed by the Constitution and our shared conservative principles.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

Shameless Left mines rhetorical gold

I would like to share my latest column with you – Shameless Left mines rhetorical gold.  The column details the despicable actions by the mainstream media and the liberal left in the wake of the Tucson tragedy.  It leaves no doubt that these political operatives concerned only about their own partisan agenda haven’t a shred of decency amongst them.

The radical Left never allows the truth or any speck of decorum to stop them from turning a national tragedy into an opportunity to attack conservatives, blame talk radio and call for an increase in government control over our freedoms.

Please read this column and pass it along to everyone you know.  We must come together to defend our conservative values.  We cannot allow the media and the Left to redefine Patriotism or Freedom as evil.

If you would like to join the fight and support our efforts to expose the Left and elect true conservatives please GO HERE NOW.

The shocking mass murder visited upon Tucson a week ago Saturday by a lunatic loner provided the nasty Left with another opportunity to show that they haven’t a shred of decency. The Associated Press led the yellow hoard with minute-by-minute accusations before the victims of this horrific tragedy were even evacuated to the hospital. The so-called mainstream media coverage went something like this: “Most people believe there is a Tea Party and Sarah Palin connection to all of this.” That was before the name of the shooter was even known.

Follow-up reports operated along a similar narrative: “What is this Loughner’s connection to the Tea Party? Has he ever been to a Tea Party? Does he know anybody that ever went to a Tea Party? Does he have a ‘T’ in his name? Were they selling tea in the store where the shooting took place? We have our suspects — anyone who thinks the government is spending too much!”

Now, with stunning chutzpah, the Democrats who have been calling us every vicious name you can think of — like “terrorist” and saying that we are “dangerous” and “un-American” “thugs” and “brown shirts” — are telling us that we need to have “a more civil tone” when addressing them. This from the party whose leader referred to us as “our enemies.” And like the increasingly disconnected royal aspirants they’ve become, now they demand we pay to have them protected from us.

The Democrats say they want Republicans to sit with them at the State of the Union address rather than be divided by party, as is the tradition. Like most Democrat ideas, the root motivation here is a political one; Democrats know that the majority of Americans see them as the “establishment,” which is why Republicans won overwhelmingly in the November elections. So, this new “bipartisan” idea of sitting together is the Democrats’ way of showing the people that the Republicans are just like them, part of the establishment.

There is no event too tragic for Democrats and their allies in the media to exploit for political advantage. It should be obvious to everyone that this is a naked attempt to silence all criticism of the left-wing establishment while it finishes destroying what is left of our country. The very left-wingers who have been tearing this country apart, using the most vicious rhetoric to attack peaceful American Tea Party protesters who are trying to save the country, are now accusing their victims of being dangerous and inspiring the violence in Tucson.

Left-wing absurdist David Brock was on MSNBC last week following Obama’s civility speech in Tucson, still on the attack. “Glenn Beck himself has been responsible for three thwarted assassination attempts this year,” he said.

Most reasonable people defend Palin and the Tea Partiers by saying there is no evidence linking Jared Loughner to Palin or any Tea Party group. If the same standards were applied to Democrats that are being applied to Tea Partiers, Dick Durbin would be held responsible for Nidal Hasan’s murderous rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, since Durbin compared American soldiers to Nazis on the floor of the US Senate. If the Left wants to link the crosshairs of a political campaign to Tea Party groups and Sarah Palin, then what Dick Durbin said was tantamount to deputizing Hasan for his murderous act of terrorism.

What is even more absurd is that Durbin and his colleague in the Senate, John Kerry, were two of the first out of the box to demand civility. Does anyone remember Kerry’s remark during the George H. W. Bush administration that the Secret Service should “shoot Quayle” — referring to then-Vice President Dan Quayle — in the event that President Bush was shot?

Speaking of “targeting” people, has anyone noticed the state government of Pennsylvania, run by a Democrat, has a television ad that targets its own citizens? “Your name is Tom. Nice car, Tom. Nice house,” a voice says, as the video image of a “target” with a bull’s-eye focuses in on a house, warning that “Tom” better pay up because “we know where you live.” That ad received national attention last year, and yet, there was no media outrage about it. But if using a target for a political opponent is “dangerous” and promotes a “climate of hate,” as our liberal elites tell us, then the government putting a bull’s-eye on a citizen’s house qualifies as terrorism.

So, the Left claims to seize the high ground while accusing us of being accomplices to murder. Then they demand we treat them with civility. Or else. The logical conclusion to this parade of absurdities would be for Obama to appoint his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, to be the Civility Czar.


To see my other columns, or to watch our videos and ads please go to

The National Republican Trust PAC is the largest conservative PAC in the country.  We are funded solely by concerned individuals like you.

We are proud to provide a powerful voice and much needed leadership for the conservative cause.  Your support has made it all possible and I promise that we will not let up stop the corruption in Washington and get back to a Constitutional government!

Please join with us in our fight to take back America!


Thank you for your tremendous support for The National Republican Trust.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

Executive Director

Conservatives Prep the Battlefield

As you read this, we are busy conducting multiple investigations into government waste and corruption.  We are also running a national ad campaign to stop Congress from raising the federal debt ceiling again.  In addition to these activities, we are preparing to launch several other national and strategically targeted issue campaigns but first WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU!

We must ensure that we are focusing on the issues that are most important to you our supporters.  Unlike most political groups, the GOP Trust is funded solely by concerned individuals like you and is not beholden to any corporate or special interest group or any single financier.  We only respond to you and will tirelessly work to promote our shared Conservative ideals.  We are proud to be your voice in Washington!

Please take 2 minutes to fill out the short survey below.  We will share the results with Members of Congress, political leaders throughout the states and with other leaders in the Conservative movement.

Thank you for fighting with me to save our country’s future.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this important survey.  Your opinion counts!

If you have not seen our latest ad, please WATCH IT NOW.  This is just the first in a series coming out to keep the newly elected Congress true the Conservative principles that got them elected.

To support these efforts and help keep this ad on the air please GO HERE NOW.
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

Join the Intervention: This New Ad Will Stop Government’s Spending Addiction

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

The national debt has surpassed $14 trillion and is skyrocketing every day.  This government spending binge will destroy our future unless we act immediately!  The best opportunity to stop this spending frenzy is approaching quickly so we launched a national ad campaign (see below) to make this a top priority of the new Congress.

Our country’s debt is fast approaching the National Debt Limit.  A limit that was increased by Congress less than a year ago under empty promises and lies about massive spending cuts to come.

Congress must now decide – increase the debt ceiling or cut spending.  IT IS TIME TO ACT!!  We literally cannot afford to sit this fight out.
Earlier this week on the Fox Business Channel Judge Andrew Napolitano in conversation with Glenn Beck stated “The Debt Ceiling should NOT be raised… The Government will have to make very hard choices and that is what we elected them to do.

We at the GOP Trust could not agree more with the Judge.  We are prepared to lead this fight and finally turn off the government money spigots.  We can do it but we need your help.

Please go here to help us spread the word and stop the Spending Binge!

This Ad is Just the Beginning
We must all come together to tell Congress to STOP.  They must cut spending immediately and leave the debt ceiling alone.

Cap The Debt - Join the Intervention

This is just the first in a series of ads we will be pushing over the Internet and airing on national TV. We must get the word out quickly and force Congress to act responsibly.  Remember the money they so greedily spend is yours!


Conservative Leaders Need Our Help
The government addiction to spending and debt is out of control.  According to CBS News  “It took just 7 months for the National Debt to increase from $13 trillion on June 1, 2010 to $14 trillion on Dec. 31.
Conservatives in Congress are preparing to fight but they need our help.  In a recent interview Senator Jim DeMint stated: “We need to have a showdown at this point that we are not going to increase our debt ceiling anymore… We are going to cut things necessary to stay within the current levels, which is over $14 trillion. This needs to be a big showdown.
Representative Michelle Bachmann is leading the charge in the Houseto stop the increase of the debt ceiling but she needs our support.
This issue is so critical even RINO Senator Lindsey Graham is threating to vote no on raising the debt ceiling emphasizing, “This is an opportunity to make sure the government is changing its spending ways….”
We have seen this too many times before.  Conservatives fight the good fight until the Establishment with all of its money and political influence garner enough votes to pass any level of spending increase they desire.
This time will be different but we must act now.  Please FORWARD this letter and video on to everyone you know.  The money the government is so rapidly spending is their money too.

Please Go Here Now
You can help spread the word and win this critical fight!

We Must Act Now
Many will say that we must increase the debt ceiling and increase it now.  That is because it is easier to increase the debt ceiling with one swipe of a pen than it is to eliminate and cut the billions of dollars of government waste and corruption from thousands of separate government programs and agencies.

In a letter to congressional leaders yesterday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said the government will reach the debt limit between March 31 and May 16.

Instead of attending political fundraisers, junkets disguised as conferences, golfing and taking multiple vacations…

Congress and the Administration should be doing their job and working to cut waste and fraud.  They have plenty of time to find a responsible solution they just need the incentive.

We will supply that incentive directly from the American people.

Go here now to join the fight
Help us get this series of ads on the air today.

Taking on the Establishment
The national debt is not a Republican or Democrat problem, this is an American disaster.  Both political parties ruled by a corrupt political Establishment are to blame.

The national debt nearly doubled under President George W. Bush and Obama has already added nearly $2 trillion more in less than 2 years.  To give you some perspective of just how ridiculously large 2 trillion is, think of it this way.  If you were to set aside $100 million each year (without interest) it would take you 20 thousand years to reach 2 trillion.

Our national debt is now over 14 trillion and our government wants more!

This is long overdue.  It is time to JUST SAY NO!!

Allowing the government to increase the debt ceiling is like giving the perpetual quitting smoker one last cigarette or an alcoholic one last drink.  It doesn’t work.

Together you and I must spread the word and hold this Congress accountable.  This ad campaign combined with our grassroots and Capitol Hill presence can make the difference.

Together we can give our government the spending intervention it needs and save our future.

Please join with me in this critical fight.  Help us spread these ads far and wide over the Internet and on National TV.


Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

Why Scott Brown must be defeated

An organization I run, The National Republican Trust PAC, raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts special election to fill the seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy. That organization will now do everything possible to see that Brown is defeated by a primary opponent when he faces reelection in 2012. Why? Because there is no difference between him and a Democrat.

Now, we knew going in that Massachusetts is a liberal state and we would not be able to count on Brown for very much, but something even people in his very blue home state would have understood is a vote against ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The excuses for voting in favor of New START are pathetic. Basically those in favor insist that the treaty will allow US inspectors back into Russia to make sure the Russians are eliminating their nuclear stockpile in accordance with the treaty. Mitigating that, however, is the fact that our inspectors can only look at the sites that the Russians tell us we can inspect. That’s it. That’s the best argument the other side had for supporting the treaty. On the other hand, you could write a thick book about the reasons to vote against it.

Russia desperately wanted the US to sign this treaty; in fact, Russian leaders even warned us that we had better not tamper with the language of the treaty while it was being considered during the lame-duck (illegitimate) Senate session. One of the reasons they couldn’t contain their participatory enthusiasm is that the treaty limits our ability to deploy a missile defense system. And we just might need that missile defense system because the treaty calls for reductions in nuclear-armed missiles, which leaves Russia with an even greater strategic offensive advantage.

It is complicated to explain, but here is a good way to look at it: Imagine that the US has a hand gun and five bullets, and the Russians have a hand gun and ten bullets. Russian Premier Medvedev says to Obama that he will throw away five of his bullets if Obama throws away five of his. Only an idiot would take that deal. Well, an idiot or someone who doesn’t mind selling out his country.

But there is a precedent to this stupidity. Twelve years ago the Russians made the outlandish argument that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty did not apply to them because they were no longer the USSR but it did apply to us because we were still the United States. Communist China, which was never involved in the ABM Treaty, also asserted that the US should be bound by it. Most observers at the time were sure the Russians and Chinese were “punking” us, but the joke ended up being on us because President Clinton agreed with them. In short, Clinton sided with the two most dangerous countries on the planet, at that time, against his own country. No wonder many senior people who worked in national security in the nineties were quietly saying Clinton was a traitor (I am not kidding).

So why would Scott Brown vote to ratify such a treaty? Who knows, but one thing we know for sure is that when it is revealed that the world is more dangerous because of this, the Democrats will remind us that Republicans voted to ratify it and it was “bipartisan.” If one doesn’t see how agreements such as this will make the US and the free world less safe, you needn’t look any further than what is happening on the Korean Peninsula right now. North Korea has nuclear weapons today because of the Clinton administration’s 1994 “Agreed Framework,” a fool’s deal that was supposed to ensure that North Korea did not get nuclear weapons. But instead of preventing them from getting nukes it accelerated their nuclear program. And throughout the rest of the Clinton years career intelligence analysts were telling them in very strong terms that North Korea was cheating on the agreement and pursuing nukes more rapidly with technology we provided them under terms of the agreement. But, instead of acknowledging the failure of the “Agreed Framework” and fixing it, Clinton and his people crowed about its success in stopping the dangerous Kim Jong Ill from getting the bomb he threatens the Pacific Rim with now. Democrats such as Clinton and Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate sensitive national security agreements.

Scott Brown wasn’t the only Republican to vote to ratify New START, and there will be dire political consequences for the others too. Every Republican who voted to ratify New START must be defeated. Issues like this are far too important to our nation’s security to allow them to be undermined by a liberal Republican coddled by the political establishment in the U.S. Senate. If we cannot count on liberal Republicans to at least vote the right way on national security issues, then what is the point of having them in the Senate at all? We are better off letting Democrats get the sole blame for their destructive policies. This is a major reason so many Republican voters are looking for alternatives to the GOP. They expect Democrats like Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to sell out their country, but they are fed up with Republicans who allow the Democrats to take them as hostages and later as “bipartisan” shills when the consequences of their decisions become evident.

Investigations to unravel Obama’s cloak of corruption

From the Desk of
Scott Wheeler

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Happy New Year!  A very important election is now behind us and even though we sent a very clear message to Washington, there is much work to be done. With your help, we sent many new Representatives to Congress many of whom will help us fight for the Constitution and the survival of our nation but we must provide support in a number of ways.

We must be prepared to move and act quickly when issues arise that require an immediate response.  For example, we will employ national advertising campaigns to stop freedom crushing laws from being passed through Congress.  More than anything, bad legislators fear having their votes exposed to their constituents. We will hold them accountable!

WE MUST ALSO BE THE PRIMARY INVESTIGATORS OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION and THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!!!! The Congressional Oversight Committee, led by Republican Congressman Issa, is gearing up to investigate the Obama administration and I have met with members of that committee and informed them that we would once again be in the field investigating the most important scandals for which they should be aware. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help!

Regardless of what some people think, congressional committees are incapable of investigating effectively and rooting out corruption, generally they follow the media and the liberal media is not about to expose the corrupt Democrats. BUT WE WILL!!! That is why we are here and that is why we started National Investigative Media.

We are already investigating Obama, we have already uncovered some of his lies and corruption and we are now going full throttle.  We will provide the fuel for the Republicans in Congress to investigate Obama, this is a VERY IMPORTANT FUNCTION!!!  As you may recall, MY Investigative team WERE THE ONES WHO UNCOVERED BILL CLINTON’S SELLOUT OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY TO COMMUNIST CHINA!! Our work on the American Investigator television series led to several congressional investigations, Marc Morano, who was on that team and with us again now, was the single greatest weapon in exposing the global warming movement.

Once again it is now up to us… and we need your help to do it.


A history of success

We exposed Obama’s growing list of radical czars in our book Shadow Government before anyone else.  We exposed many lies Obama used to tout his healthcare disaster forcing the Democrats to use even more corrupt means to get it passed, which cost them several seats in the most recent election.  We uncovered stimulus dollars going to fund the anti-American Marxist group the Brecht Forum.  We exposed the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions Obama received from the terrorist group Hamas and many other stories the mainstream media refused to investigate and report.

Before founding both the GOP Trust and National Investigative Media, I spent nearly 20 years as an investigative journalist working undercover to expose drug runners, terrorists groups and Washington corruption.  I also produced more than 17 documentaries that have been aired worldwide.

Help Us Expose the Truth  –  Join the Fight Today.

The time is NOW!

Now we must put every ounce of our investigative prowess to work on exposing Obama and exposing the truth behind his policies and backroom deals that have pushed them through Congress.

If we are to derail the Obama Administration’s destruction of America and hold the newly elected Republicans in Congress to their conservative principles we must expose the corruption in Washington for all to see.

We will use our investigative unit NIM to uncover, produce and report the evidence of corruption and we will use the megaphone of the National Republican Trust PAC to inform the nation and give the GOP chaired congressional investigative committees the evidence they need to subpoena records and conduct official investigations. MOST IMPORTANTLY WE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AHEAD OF ANYONE ELSE! We will do this in a variety of ways that include podcasts and video documentaries and written reports that we will send to you before it reaches the public.

We can do it but we need your help.  Please join with me and fight back now.  Together we will expose the truth and take back our country.

Go here now!  Expose the Obama Administration and Save America

We can’t afford to let Obama get away with his lies and corruption.

Thank you for all you do for the conservative cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
P.S. Please look out for the GOP Trust’s soon to be released video ad aimed to hold Republicans accountable for their votes on congressional spending.  A vote to increase the national debt ceiling is just weeks away.  WE MUST ACT NOW!