President Obama’s economic deviancy

Obama is primarily responsible for the Tea Party movement, despite the fact that it is the nemesis of the President and the political establishment.

The movement is predominantly composed of a small number of Libertarians and a large number of Conservatives. The Tea Party Conservatives are formerly Conservative Republicans who have given up the notion of having a moral government and are tired of funding an immoral government. They are disconnecting from the Republican establishment, which today seems more comfortable managing big government than ultimately reducing it. Herein lies their commonality with Libertarians. The Tea Party is thus at the vertex of this confluence that emphasizes as its central theme the notion that the U.S. must return to a Constitutionally limited federal government.

The catalyst of this political migration is Obama’s stated goal of a “fundamental transformation of America.” Indeed, the Tea Party can most accurately be described as a popular revolt and instinctive response to such statements from this administration. Obama’s speech on the national debt reinforced the logic behind the movement; the President’s extremist economic goals further imperil our nation’s already dire fiscal situation.

“The fourth step in our approach is to reduce spending in the tax code. In December, I agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans because it was the only way I could prevent a tax hike on middle-class Americans. But we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. And I refuse to renew them again.
“Beyond that, the tax code is also loaded up with spending on things like itemized deductions. And while I agree with the goals of many of these deductions, like homeownership or charitable giving, we cannot ignore the fact that they provide millionaires an average tax break of $75,000 while doing nothing for the typical middle-class family that doesn’t itemize.”

By referring to deductable expenses as “spending in the tax code,” the President indicated his belief that a person’s income is for the discretionary use of government, or for whatever Obama deems our nations “investments.” This then clarifies the enormous difference between the beliefs of the contemporary Democratic Left and those of free-market capitalists. The former believe that an individual’s labor product is a resource that belongs to the state, which may then be allocated, or, more accurately, appropriated it in a manner that it sees fit. The latter argue that a person’s labor belongs to them and them alone, and are thus the ultimate deciders of its fate.

“But let me be absolutely clear: I will preserve these health care programs as a promise we make to each other in this society. I will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry, with a shrinking benefit to pay for rising costs. I will not tell families with children who have disabilities that they have to fend for themselves. We will reform these programs, but we will not abandon the fundamental commitment this country has kept for generations.”

The “fundamental commitment” that Obama speaks of is not a promise that American citizens made to one another. Rather, it is a promise Obama and the Left made to people who take from the system and a promise paid for by people who provide that system with money. This is possible because the voters who take far outnumber the voters who pay. Obama’s promise is that he will use force to take from a few to provide for the many in exchange for their political support. This he calls “courage.”

Today, fewer than 10 percent of Americans provide almost all federal income tax revenues. As it so happens, Obama and the Democratic party’s chief constituency is part of the 90 percent who think the top 10 percent can afford higher taxes. This explains why the Left defines democracy as the power for those who take from the system to decide how to spend the money of those who pay for the system. Over the years, this concept has been dressed up in all too many guises; social justice; economic justice; economic democracy, social democracy, and others.

The Tea Party emerged out of the fact that this narrow definition of democracy has grown steadily and unchallenged ever since Obama began campaigning for President. The Democratic Party has slowly built its base upon a dependency class, all while the Republican Party has provided only a modicum of resistance. This has set the national interest on drastically divergent paths and shattered American history’s political status quo.

Most importantly, however, it has allowed for the rise of political migrants who desire a return to the founding principles that made our nation prosperous in the first place and produced the wealth and power that the political class now seeks to redistribute to itself.

This article originally appeared in The Hill on April 25, 2011 and can be found at:


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GOP Tax day suprise – more caving in to the left

  • Budget Deal was a hoax
  • Debt Ceiling now last chance for spending reform
  • Republicans ready to cave again
  • New Ad Campaign will hold them to the fire!

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:
Hundreds of tax reform rallies are taking place today all across America.  Our tax code has morphed into a job killing behemoth that picks winners and losers based on the number of lobbyist working for each special interest.

The only way to have real tax reform is to start with real SPENDING reform!  The fight to raise the debt ceiling is our best opportunity to finally address the spending that threatens the future of our country.  The GOP Trust just launched a national ad campaign to STOP CONGRESS from raising the DEBT CEILING!

The Republican leadership controls this debate but their actions so far on tax and spending reform have been atrocious.  We must force them to hold the line for America!

The Washington Post reported over the weekend in a front page story that the “historic” $38 billion budget deal was a complete sham.  In actuality the spending cuts only equal a real savings of $400 – $500 million.

Treasury Secretary Geithner claimed on multiple Sunday talk shows that Republican leadership has already agreed to raise the debt ceiling even absent an agreement over the spending cuts.

We cannot let Republican leadership throw our principles under the bus again.

Let me be crystal clear – Obama and Geithner cannot raise the debt ceiling without Republican votes in both the House and Senate.  Republicans control the debate but they must hear from all of us before they cave again.

Our national ad campaign can deliver a massive victory for tax and spending reform.


If the GOP leadership has learned nothing from the 2010 elections, it is our duty to not only educate them and hold their feet to the fire — but also to replace them with new leaders who ‘get it.

Children born today immediately inherit a $46 thousand share of the national debt.  The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has predicted that this birthday gift will more than triple by the time they enter the workforce.

We cannot let this be our legacy!

In the next 25 days, Congress will either increase their borrowing power and our individual share of the national debt or they will be forced to finally take spending reform seriously.

This is the battle the Tea Party and the 87 freshmen in Congress have been waiting for!

We at the GOP Trust are going to lead the fight with another of our award winning national ad campaigns to STOP Congress from RAISING THE DEBT CEILING again.  Together we will restore trust in Republican leadership and force them to stay true to the principles that elected them.

Public opinion is on our side but the scare tactics of the Democrats and the liberal media are already starting to erode these numbers.  A recent NBC/WSJ poll showed 62% of Americans are against raising the debt ceiling.

We must get our ads on the air today and prevent the media and the Campaigner-in-Chief from turning public opinion against us.
If we can just force Republicans to hold firm to their promise to reduce spending and lower our national debt – WE WILL WIN this critical battle.
This ad campaign will STOP the spending and set the stage for meaningful tax reform.

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Join the Spending Intervention and Save our Country!

Our ads will energize the American people and force Congress to respect the voice of the electorate.  We can do it but we must act now!

We have seen issues like this too many times before.  Conservatives fight the good fight until the political Establishment with all of its money and political influence garner enough votes to pass any level of spending increase they desire.

Please FORWARD this letter to everyone you know.  We need everyone pitching in to fight this battle.

We can stop it if we can reach the American people with the right information.

America needs to know what’s at stake.
$45,970 –   Share of National Debt owed per U.S. Citizen
$128,631 –   Share of National Debt owed per Taxpayer

Our ads will drill into people’s heads that the logical first step to getting the national debt under control is eliminating our capacity to accumulate more of it.

Our campaign will do it!  AND YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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We have a chance to stop the spending spree and start our country back on the road to fiscal sanity.  We can do it but we must all come together and we must act fast.  The vote is only weeks away unless Republicans cave in to the political establishment sooner.

Together we will make sure Washington hears us loud and clear and knows that we will not back down and not let the Democrats raise the debt ceiling and harm our great country for future generations.

We can do it and we will!  All we have to do is force all Republicans to hold the line.

Thank you for your tremendous support for The GOP Trust.  GO HERE NOW!
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

Executive Director

Special Investigator: April 3 Episode

In case you missed: Listen to Scott Wheeler’s latest audio-cast of “Special Investigator.” Tune in for the next episode, Saturday at 11 PM EST on Radio America.

Unions and Obama Kickoff 2012 Election

The Campaigner-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama launched his $1 billion re-election campaign yesterday.  This is the first shot in what will be the most important battle in modern day politics and one that will determine the future of our great republic.

Consider this:  In just 2 years, Obama took over much of the American healthcare system, auto industry, banking industry, housing industry and student loan industry among others.  His Administration’s pro-European style government added a whopping $3.6 TRILLION to the national debt.  THIS WAS JUST TWO YEARS! Now just imagine what 8 years would bring.

His campaign is expected to break all records with a campaign fund eclipsing $1 billion.  Much of this money will come from his comrades in Big Labor. That’s right, a bulk of his campaign cash will come from the very unions we are fighting right now in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and many other states.

We have been fighting to expose the radical Obama agenda from the beginning and have been leading the fight against the union protestors in these key states.

Our ads and videos are reminding the American people that their tax dollars pay the salaries of these public union protestors that skip work to demand more benefits and higher pay even though they already receive more than the private sector.

Stop the Union Stranglehold on our Economy

If we are to stop Obama’s reelection and derail his radical agenda we must not back down from this important fight.  Make no mistake the battle being fought against the unions in the states is the first critical battle of 2012.

Now it is time to move this fight to a bigger stage. To successfully expose Big Labor corruption and to counter their millions of forced dues being spent to elect big government, Obama Democrats – WE MUST THINK BIG AND ACT EVEN BIGGER.

I have developed a MULTI-PRONGED STRATEGY that will tell the American public the truth about union waste and abuse and will fully expose their socialist agenda that has deeply infected the political establishment.

  1. We are going to produce a short, explosive documentary on unions and their destructive impact on the American social, economic and political system. We produced a similar film last fall, Breaking Point that redefined the historic November election for conservatives.
  2. We are going to continue to produce our campaign style TV ads to support our fearless leaders taking the fight to their states. The Wisconsin ad produced by our creative team was dubbed by pollster Frank Luntz as the only ad that truly worked during that fight.  He said “This is one of the rare times in American politics today when a very clear, very tough message appeals across the political spectrum… They set the proper context… They set the proper tone.”

With your help, we will produce this documentary, create more ads and buy massive chunks of national and local airtime to expose the truth to the entire American public.


End the Union Stranglehold on our Economy

Our 30 Minute Documentary will expose the government unions and permanently change the public perception of union leadership in this country.

Our team is sorting through hours of video footage showing union violence and union leaders talking about their power and political influence over the very government officials who determine their wages and benefits.

Everyone deserves to see this video footage and our important research.
If we can get this information in front of the American people we will severely limit their ability to strong-arm the political and electoral system for decades.

We have done this before and with your help we will do it again!


The fight against public sector unions has moved into 20 states including: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee and Washington. More measures are being introduced every day!

The battle in WISCONSIN and OHIO is still far from over.  If we don’t turn the tide in the battle for public opinion we will ultimately lose these once thought victories.

Labor leaders and their Democrat pawns in Ohio have started a massive effort to repeal the bill through a ballot initiative and launched multiple court challenges.

A liberal judge in Wisconsin ordered “no further implementation” of the legislation.  The Unions have launched a viscous boycott against more than 200 job creating companies and are now resorting to BLACKMAIL telling companies to either post a pro-union sign in your shop’s window or you will make the list!

Additionally the Wisconsin unions are getting significant momentum with their re-call campaign against 6 Republican senators and running an incredible smear campaign against conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to switch the balance of the court that will ultimately decide the fate of Wisconsin’s legislation.

We have a great opportunity before us but we must turn the tide in public opinion.  We can do it!

Help us win this fight!

Please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your friends and colleagues. We need as many conservatives as possible to help combat the millions being spent by Big Labor!!

If we are to succeed in stopping the corrupt unions and their socialist agenda from bankrupting our country we must capitalize on our momentum and fight this multi-state battle with a message that reaches everyone across the political spectrum.

Winning the battle for public opinion is essential to winning this fight!

When we finally declare victory, the American public will fully understand that there is no such thing as a “Right to Collective Bargaining” and we will have permanently changed the public perception of unions in this country.

Please help us buy massive chunks of national and local airtime and expose the truth about unions to the entire American public.


Together we will defeat Union waste and Abuse!

We must not let Big Labor’s smear tactics and the media’s unabashed bias turn the tide.

We must win the critical public opinion battle.  This can only be accomplished through a massive outreach effort that exposes and disseminates the truth about the corrupt unions to every audience possible.  We must also continue to rally behind and support our brave elected officials and their heroic efforts across the country to regain fiscal control and save their states from bankruptcy.

Big Labor is raising millions of dollars (transferring taxpayer dollars) to support Obama liberals. If we are to ensure the defeat of the Obama’s agenda in 2012 we must defeat the unions now.

If everyone knew what you and I know about the unions, there would never be another liberal Democrat elected President in America. Please help us make this happen.


Together we will win the public opinion battle and provide the needed cover for our brave elected officials to succeed in this noble fight for America’s future.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

Unions Plot Economic Terrorism – Listen to the tape


(listen to the tape below)

Yesterday, I was the first to tell you about an unbelievable union plot of Economic Terrorism caught on tape. Now I can give you the whole story.

This is now being reported by Fox NewsThe Blaze and Business Insider.  Stephen Lerner, an allegedly “former” SEIU Official, clearly outlined a shocking strategy last weekend before a conference of more than 500 community organizers at Pace University in New York.

HIS STRATEGY: Take down the American economic system and redistribute our wealth.

Lerner said that unions and community organizations are, for all intents and purposes, dead. The only way to achieve their goals, therefore–the redistribution of wealth and the return of “$17 trillion” stolen from the middle class by Wall Street–is to “destabilize the country. – The Blaze 3/21/11


The White House visitor logs show that Stephen Lerner has visited the White House four times during the past two years.  Why would someone who wants to in his own words “destabilize the country” be a guest at the White House?  His intentions are clearly un-American and must be highly scrutinized and countered immediately!

As you know, the GOP Trust has been digging into and fighting anti-American behavior like this for over a year!  We first exposed Stimulus money going to fund the Marxist Brecht Forum and have been running our TV ads fighting the unions in Wisconsin from the beginning.

We are the only group effectively countering the unions and we are only able to do this because of the generous support of conservatives like you. Now more than ever we need to get this ad and other hard hitting ads like this airing across the country.


In addition to our TV ad campaigns we are also busy working on a  30 minute documentary exposing the GOVERNMENT UNIONS FOR THE CORRUPT LEFT-WING, OBAMA MILITIAS THAT THEY ARE!!

We already have tons of video footage on union violence including hours of union leaders talking about their power and political influence over the very government officials who determine their wages and benefits.  These videos need to be brought to the public.

WE MUST NOW GO ON THE OFFENSIVE and this strategy will expose the unions and derail their radical agenda once and for all.
We can do it but we must get this information in front of the American public ASAP!


If we don’t expose the unions and fully respond to this carefully planned Communist style attack caught on tape, we will insure Obama and his radical transformation of America gets a second term.

We will not let that happen! Our strategy will work if we all come together.

GO HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT! This may be our last opportunity to save our country and restore the conservative principals of Ronald Reagan.
Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler: Special Investigator

Special Investigator logo

In a world where real Investigative Journalism is an anachronism, Scott Wheeler and his team of investigators have been digging deep undercover, bringing to light some of the biggest news stories of the last 15 years.  Each week Special Investigator takes listeners on an exclusive trip inside multiple investigations, providing the audience with actionable knowledge, field intelligence and the sting of real evidence.

This is what TEA Party Radio sounds like!


Unlike other programs, the news coming out of Special Investigator each week is first hand, exclusive evidence and information not found on other news and talks shows in any medium.  Wheeler’s team of sleuths has developed an international intelligence network that has outperformed the intelligence agencies of many countries.

Among his investigative breakthroughs, Wheeler has worked undercover to reveal:  the internal operations of Hamas within the United States, leading to several suspects named in the reports to be arrested; and a weapons of mass destruction pipeline run out of the Middle East, as he posed undercover as an arms-dealer in 1998 and 1999.

During the Clinton Administration, Wheeler worked inside China and investigated the China/DNC fundraising scandal, with many of his reports used in criminal prosecutions, congressional investigations and hearings.   His penetrating documentary “Trading with the Enemy; How the ClintonAdministration Armed China lead even the most stalwart Democrats to acknowledge that President Clinton had decontrolled dangerous military technology to communist China while receiving illegal donations.  Continuing in his effort to reveal China’s threat to the United States, in 2003 Wheeler’s reportage led to the exposure of a foreign agent from China operating inside the U.S. posing as a college student.

Today, Wheeler’s investigations include: Wide Spread Voter FraudChina’s Rare Earth Metals Monopoly and its effect on our Defense technology; Fringe Groups Receiving Stimulus MoneyGlobal Warming Lies; and George Soros’ network of control over the American economic and political systems.

Call your radio station today and ask them to carry this important program from the Radio America network.

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We are busy working on investigations on vote fraud, global warming lies, technology sold to China, union abuse and much more.  Please stay tuned, and get ready for a shock.  If you can help us with these ongoing investigations I would really appreciate it.

Please help us keep this radio show on the air and secure the resources needed to expose the truth.