Frank Luntz shows rare political feat

Earlier today pollster Frank Luntz critiqued our union ad on Fox News. The conclusion derived from his focus group of Democrat, Republican and Independent voters was that OUR AD WORKS! No other ad has worked this effectively during this polarizing debate.

We have been testing ads in Wisconsin for the last two months and almost all of them have failed… Either they appeal to Republican partisans or Democrat partisans but not both until the Republican Trust [GOP Trust] came in.

This is one of the rare times in American politics today when a very clear, very tough message appeals across the political spectrum… They set the proper context… They set the proper tone.Frank Luntz, Fox News Channel, America Live 3/30/2011.

The GOP Trust has been blanketing the airwaves with this ad because of the tremendous support of conservatives like you. Our effort is resonating with everyone, no matter their party affiliation, and turning the tide in the all-important battle for public opinion.

We MUST KEEP THIS AD ON THE AIR in every state that is confronting the Big Labor. We owe it to the brave leaders taking on this fight to provide cover in the battle for public opinion.

Together we will defeat Union waste and Abuse!

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The fight against Big Labor has only just begun and the battleground is quickly spreading into many key states. The battle in Wisconsin is far from over with a judge again blocking implementation of the legislation.

Now more than 18 states are considering legislation to significantly rein in public and private sector unions. They need our support!

· Ohio – The Governor is just days away from signing a bill to limit collective bargaining.
· Florida – The House passed a bill banning mandatory dues for public unions and the legislature is also debating legislation to limit teacher tenure.
· Idaho – Is ready to enact legislation reforming teacher tenure.
· Iowa – The House of Representatives is currently debating legislation to curb collective bargaining rights for government employees.
· Michigan – The Michigan legislature has approved separate measures to give the state the power to break union contracts.
· Indiana – The House Democrats are back at work after a five-week boycott to protest the bill passed by the Indiana Senate a bill to limit public school teachers’ collective bargaining.
· New Hampshire – The House passed a right-to-work bill that prohibits public sector workers from being required to join labor unions.
· Kansas – The House passed legislation outlawing employee payroll deductions for union dues and political action committees.
· Tennessee – The Senate Education Committee just passed a bill that would end teachers’ rights to working conditions through collective bargaining.

At least 9 Other States – have introduced legislation to limit on public worker collective bargaining: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Washington. Other measures are popping up every day!

As Obama said, “elections have consequences.” And for once I agree with Obama. Yes, Mr. President elections do have consequences and now it is time to take back our country and restore fiscal discipline.

The best investment of 2011 is to crush the Democrat Party’s base. We are so close to stripping the Democrats of their power base, WE CANNOT LET UP NOW!

This ad is a proven winner!
Help us win this fight!

Please join us in our efforts to save America from the stranglehold of Big Labor.

We have done it before and we will do it again! As Frank Luntz said this ad appeals to the entire political spectrum.

Together we win the public opinion battle and provide the needed cover for our brave elected officials to succeed in this noble fight for America’s future.

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Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler