Palin, Newt – Repealing Healthcare Critical. New Video Will Deliver

 Repeal of Obamacare Gaining Momentum!

 Federal Judge in Florida Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

 Harry Reid still vows to block any repeal vote

 Our New Video and Petition hurts vulnerable Democrats

 Victory is in sight!  Keep the Momentum!  Force a repeal vote today!

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:
We are setting a rat trap to see how many Democrats step into it. This political strategy has been serving the country well over the past year, and will work again on healthcare repeal!

Our collective opposition was heard loud and clear at the ballot box last November regarding repeal of this disastrous healthcare takeover.

The new Republican majority in U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a bill to repeal Obamacare before it bankrupts our nation and now Senator DeMint has introduced repeal legislation in the U.S. Senate.

Victory is in sight but Harry Reid and the Democrats controlling the U.S. Senate are blatantly ignoring the American people and refuse to bring this legislation to a vote.

We must come together and force the Democrat leaders in the U.S. Senate to immediately allow a vote on legislation to fully repeal the deficit increasing, economy crushing Obamacare plan.

The GOP Trust is leading the charge for full repeal and has just launched a new powerful video and petition drive today that will force Harry Reid to allow a vote on full repeal of Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich has said the key to full repeal is to “target the 23 Democrats up for re-election and create petition drives in all 23 states.”

Our strategy will work but we must all come together and recruit more conservatives to fight alongside us.  This is going to be a tough fight but we will prevail.  We must!


Why is this fight so important?

When discussing repeal of Obamacare, Sarah Palin has said “Nobody wanted it in the first place and it’s NOT affordable.”  She agrees that it must be repealed before it bankrupts our country.
We must act fast:

  • Private insurers are already greatly increasing their rates due to Obamacare!  Higher rates damage all sectors of our economy and hurts all American families.
  • Obama’s more than $1 trillion takeover of healthcare will be fully implemented over the next two years.  Every month that goes by without full repeal significantly decreases our chances of victory.
  • Our seniors are about to see severe cuts to their Medicare benefits and formulas to impose healthcare rationing to the aging are already in the works.
  • 27 States have already sued to stop Obamacare citing it as unconstitutional and unaffordable.
  • Obama lied about this healthcare take over saying “Its not a tax increase.” Now he is rewarding his Union cronies and campaign supporters with waivers exempting them from Obamacare’s burdens.  He has already handed out 733 waivers!

We can’t afford to wait.  We must act now!  Forcing the hands of the most vulnerable Democrats is our only real shot at repealing Obamacare before it is too late.

Please join with me and help us repeal Obamcare today.
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Please watch our new video below and sign our petition.

Vulnerable Democrats are the Key to Victory

The key to our success is pressuring enough Democrats to force their leader, Harry Reid into allowing this repeal vote in the U.S. Senate.  After last fall’s historic election, all Democrat Senators up for re-election are running scared.

At least 23 Democrat Senators will be on the ballot next election and 16 of them are considered vulnerable.   This high number of vulnerable Senators from one party is unheard of in modern politics.

We must take full advantage of this political environment to push back the radical agenda of Obama and to fully repeal the flagship of his Europeanization of America – Obamacare.

We can win this fight but we must act fast and we must act with one strong voice.  If we can get over 100,000 people to sign this petition and get it to all vulnerable Democrats WE WILL FORCE Harry Reid to have this vote.

If we can get our videos to be seen by millions we will win this fight!

We can do it but we need your help.

Please GO HERE NOW and FORCE Harry Reid to have this vote!

This Strategy Will Work!
We must all come together to tell Congress to repeal Obamacare before it is too late.  This video and petition are just the beginning.  We will not stop until we reach victory.  The stakes in this battle are too high!

Make your voice heard!

Click Here to SIGN OUR PETITION.  We need to get to our signature goal as quickly as possible.  Forward this link to everyone in you address book and encourage them to do the same.

We will all see an increase in taxes, and increase in medical costs and a reduction in personal freedom if we fail.

Thank you for signing this important petition. FORWARD THIS EMAIL to all of your friends and family.

Please consider joining the fight and helping us spread the word by keeping our ads and videos on the airwaves and keeping our Capitol Hill efforts going by making a donation below. Every dollar goes to help repeal Obamacare and elect true conservatives that will get this great country back on track.


Thank you for your unwavering support of the GOP Trust and of the conservative cause.

Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

PS- Please tune in to see Scott appearing on MSNBC today at 11:40 EST.

Read yesterday’s article in the Washington Times and the National Journal on our efforts to hold all Republicans to their conservative principals.

Watch our Ad to Cap the National Debt.


Seeing red, PAC is down on Scott Brown

The National Republican Trust spent nearly $100,000 last year to help Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, but now the conservative political group wishes it had that money back to help kick Mr. Brown out of office.

Saying the Republican senator is no different from a Democrat, the head of the group is calling for Mr. Brown to donate to charity or disgorge campaign money equal to how much the trust spent supporting him during the 2010 campaign.

The trust’s executive director, Scott Wheeler, said supporters knew Mr. Brown wasn’t going to be a die-hard conservative when they supported him early and often in his run against Martha Coakley, the Democratic state attorney general and once heavy favorite to succeed Mr. Kennedy

Read the entire article here:

Why Scott Brown must be defeated

An organization I run, The National Republican Trust PAC, raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts special election to fill the seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy. That organization will now do everything possible to see that Brown is defeated by a primary opponent when he faces reelection in 2012. Why? Because there is no difference between him and a Democrat.

Now, we knew going in that Massachusetts is a liberal state and we would not be able to count on Brown for very much, but something even people in his very blue home state would have understood is a vote against ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The excuses for voting in favor of New START are pathetic. Basically those in favor insist that the treaty will allow US inspectors back into Russia to make sure the Russians are eliminating their nuclear stockpile in accordance with the treaty. Mitigating that, however, is the fact that our inspectors can only look at the sites that the Russians tell us we can inspect. That’s it. That’s the best argument the other side had for supporting the treaty. On the other hand, you could write a thick book about the reasons to vote against it.

Russia desperately wanted the US to sign this treaty; in fact, Russian leaders even warned us that we had better not tamper with the language of the treaty while it was being considered during the lame-duck (illegitimate) Senate session. One of the reasons they couldn’t contain their participatory enthusiasm is that the treaty limits our ability to deploy a missile defense system. And we just might need that missile defense system because the treaty calls for reductions in nuclear-armed missiles, which leaves Russia with an even greater strategic offensive advantage.

It is complicated to explain, but here is a good way to look at it: Imagine that the US has a hand gun and five bullets, and the Russians have a hand gun and ten bullets. Russian Premier Medvedev says to Obama that he will throw away five of his bullets if Obama throws away five of his. Only an idiot would take that deal. Well, an idiot or someone who doesn’t mind selling out his country.

But there is a precedent to this stupidity. Twelve years ago the Russians made the outlandish argument that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty did not apply to them because they were no longer the USSR but it did apply to us because we were still the United States. Communist China, which was never involved in the ABM Treaty, also asserted that the US should be bound by it. Most observers at the time were sure the Russians and Chinese were “punking” us, but the joke ended up being on us because President Clinton agreed with them. In short, Clinton sided with the two most dangerous countries on the planet, at that time, against his own country. No wonder many senior people who worked in national security in the nineties were quietly saying Clinton was a traitor (I am not kidding).

So why would Scott Brown vote to ratify such a treaty? Who knows, but one thing we know for sure is that when it is revealed that the world is more dangerous because of this, the Democrats will remind us that Republicans voted to ratify it and it was “bipartisan.” If one doesn’t see how agreements such as this will make the US and the free world less safe, you needn’t look any further than what is happening on the Korean Peninsula right now. North Korea has nuclear weapons today because of the Clinton administration’s 1994 “Agreed Framework,” a fool’s deal that was supposed to ensure that North Korea did not get nuclear weapons. But instead of preventing them from getting nukes it accelerated their nuclear program. And throughout the rest of the Clinton years career intelligence analysts were telling them in very strong terms that North Korea was cheating on the agreement and pursuing nukes more rapidly with technology we provided them under terms of the agreement. But, instead of acknowledging the failure of the “Agreed Framework” and fixing it, Clinton and his people crowed about its success in stopping the dangerous Kim Jong Ill from getting the bomb he threatens the Pacific Rim with now. Democrats such as Clinton and Obama cannot be trusted to negotiate sensitive national security agreements.

Scott Brown wasn’t the only Republican to vote to ratify New START, and there will be dire political consequences for the others too. Every Republican who voted to ratify New START must be defeated. Issues like this are far too important to our nation’s security to allow them to be undermined by a liberal Republican coddled by the political establishment in the U.S. Senate. If we cannot count on liberal Republicans to at least vote the right way on national security issues, then what is the point of having them in the Senate at all? We are better off letting Democrats get the sole blame for their destructive policies. This is a major reason so many Republican voters are looking for alternatives to the GOP. They expect Democrats like Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to sell out their country, but they are fed up with Republicans who allow the Democrats to take them as hostages and later as “bipartisan” shills when the consequences of their decisions become evident.

Lies, Damned Lies and Health Care

Scott Wheeler’s article:

President Obama has finally passed his massive health-care bill, although the staggering cost to the American people has yet to be determined; the attendant increase in taxes and misery, as well as a corresponding decline in quality and standards will most likely remain unquantifiable for many years to come.

Several Republican legislators dutifully reported disturbing elements of the health-care bill, even as the reigning Democrats in the House of Representatives played bait-and-switch with the final bill’s contents. But no one confronted the President about his bold lies concerning the current state of health insurance in the United States. Those lies were legion.

During his year-long pitch for his so-called “health insurance reform,” President Obama repeatedly exaggerated problems, obfuscated facts, and manufactured lies about America’s insurance companies. It was all part of a conscious and calculated effort to sow fear among the populace; if not exactly the “politics as usual” that he derides at every opportunity, then certainly something even far more sinister.

In a speech at George Mason University last Friday, President Obama told a captive crowd that health-care reform will henceforth mean insurance companies can’t cancel an insured’s coverage when they have a claim. “This year, they will be banned from dropping your coverage when you get sick. Those practices will end,” he declared.

Pretty bold stuff. Also, an outright lie. According to attorney Richard Giller, a leading expert on insurance coverage, it is currently illegal in all fifty American states to cancel an insured’s coverage for getting sick. In fact, this column spoke with an actuary for a state insurance commission. Requesting anonymity, the government actuary stated unequivocally that Obama’s claim was completely untrue. “These policies cannot be cancelled, they are guaranteed renewable and have been for over twenty years.” “Guaranteed renewable” means the insurance company can’t cancel the coverage for anything except nonpayment of premiums.

President Obama wove his Americans-are-pathetic-victims narrative with abandon: “They will continue to jack up premiums 40% or 50% or 60%, as they have in the last few weeks without any accountability whatsoever.”

Mr. Giller also informs this column that in more than half the states, insurance companies are strictly accountable to the government of the state in which they operate, forbidden from raising rates without specific approval. Furthermore, insurance companies are bared from raising one person’s health insurance policy premium without first raising the premium for the entire underwriting category to which that person belongs. Additionally, “most states review all rate increases according to the loss ratio standards,” (which means that the state not only reviews to make sure the rate is not too high, but also to ensure that the rate is high enough to pay the expected claims), confirms this government actuary.

“Because if this vote fails, the insurance industry will continue to run wild in America,” said Mr. Obama. But the reality is that the insurance industry is among the most regulated business sectors in America. The only species “running wild” in this country currently is the Democrats in Washington, so intoxicated with power, so consumed with their own importance, so recklessly devoted to their far left agenda that they believe they are accountable to no one. And so far, they haven’t been held accountable; very few in the press corps have been willing to request supportive evidence of their outlandish claims.

Obama also accused insurance companies of doing what he, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid have been doing all along – engaging in fear mongering. “That’s why their lobbyists are stalking the halls of Congress as we speak. That’s why they’re pouring millions of dollars into negative ads. That’s why they’re doing everything they can to kill this bill.” No, they weren’t. This health-care bill is forcing millions to buy health insurance from the very companies Obama says don’t want the bill.

Among the other outrageous claims by Obama is that there is half a trillion dollars lost in “waste, fraud and abuse” of Medicare. But if there really is half a trillion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare, then why didn’t Obama find it last year and use those funds instead of the piles of taxpayer cash that were consumed by his failed stimulus bill?

Obama’s health-care bill includes funding for over sixteen thousand new Internal Revenue Service agents to make sure everyone is covered. Think about that for a moment. Seem a little strange to you? If Americans really needed his brand of “health-care reform,” why does Obama think he would need the IRS to enforce it?

Now that it has passed, Obama is prepared to spend millions more in taxpayer dollars touring the country to convince us just how lucky we are that he got his bill through Congress.

Stay tuned for more great policy initiatives; Obama has now turned his attention to his Cap and Trade tax bill, which will attack the energy industry on the basis of saving us from global warming. By design, it will make energy a vastly more expensive commodity for all Americans. And really, in this recession, who could ask for anything more?

If anyone believes Obama’s willingness to tell any lie – no matter how outrageous or divorced from fact – will be restrained by the mounting evidence that global warming as a man-made issue is a hoax, need look no further than his just concluded successful campaign to distort a debate as black and white as insurance law.

View the original article in its entirety:,_damned_lies_and_health_care