Tea Party’s biggest test just days away

Washington is gearing up for a major battle that will make last week’s budget fight seem trivial.

In less than 30 days Congress will either increase their borrowing power again or finally take spending reform seriously.  This is the battle the Tea Party has been waiting for and we are going to lead the fight with another of our award winning national ad campaigns to STOP Congress from RAISING THE DEBT CEILING again.

This should be a simple fight.  The debt ceiling absolutely CANNOT be raised without Republicans in both the House and Senate voting for it.

If we can just force Republicans to hold firm to their promise to reduce spending and lower our national debt – WE WILL WIN this critical battle.

The Republican majority we fought to elect last year proved pathetic as they easily caved in and embraced a mockery of a spending cut last week.  We cannot and will not let them get steamrolled again by the political establishment.

This ad campaign will STOP the OUT-OF-CONTROL DEBT that poses a mortal threat to America’s future!

Help us get these ads on the air today!
Join the Spending Intervention and save our country!

The national debt has blown pass $14 trillion and is skyrocketing every day.  Instead of turning off the spigot and saving our future, Congress is about to take more of our tax dollars to fund their pet projects and borrow trillions more from Communist China.

The government’s massive expansion of power and spending will only end with a catastrophic collapse of the American economy unless we stop Congress from continuing to increase their credit limit.

America needs to know what’s at stake.

  • $45,939 –   Share of National Debt owed per U.S. Citizen
  • $128,565 –   Share of National Debt owed per Taxpayer

Our ads will drill into people’s heads that the logical first step to getting the national debt under control is eliminating our capacity to accumulate more of it.

Congress will take this vote in the next 30 days.  We must act now!

This spending binge will destroy our future unless we stop it.  If we can prevent Congress from increasing the debt limit we will successfully force them to tackle spending reform.

Without a limitless debit card Members of Congress will be forced to make the tough decisions they were elected to make.


The Democrats and the media are already shrieking that we must increase the debt ceiling and increase it now.  That is because it is easier to increase the debt ceiling with one swipe of a pen than it is to eliminate and cut the billions government waste and corruption.

Obama wants this so he can borrow more money to pay off his friends who will help him get re-elected next year.  It’s just another bailout for his radical agenda and political cronies at the expense of our future.

Wall Street is busy lobbying the halls of Congress crying wolf for a quick increase to the debt ceiling.  They successfully pulled this off last time with the Wall Street Bailout but we will not let them get away with it this time.  Remember roughly 65% of Wall Street political donations go to fund Democrats.

Our ads will energize the American people and force Congress to respect the voice of the electorate.  We can do it but we must act now!

We have seen issues like this too many times before.  Conservatives fight the good fight until the political Establishment with all of its money and political influence garner enough votes to pass any level of spending increase they desire.

This time will be different but we must act now.  Please FORWARD this letter to everyone you know.  The money the government is so rapidly spending is their money too.

Join the Fight!
Help us get these ads on the air

In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debt as it goes.”  We have saddled future generations with a mind boggling $14.3 trillion debt and our government is asking for more.  We must not let them!

We have a chance to stop the spending spree and start our country back on the road to fiscal sanity.  We can do it but we must all come together and we must act fast.  The vote is only weeks away unless Republicans cave in to the political establishment sooner.

Please support our efforts!  CLICK HERE!

We can do it and we will!  All we have to do is force all Republicans to hold the line.

The GOP Trust is proud to be your voice in Washington.  We are funded solely by contributions of hard-working Americans donating $25 or $50 at a time.  The GOP Trust receives no corporate funding and is not tied to any special interests.

Together we will make sure Washington hears us loud and clear and knows that we will not back down and not let the Democrats raise the debt ceiling and harm our great country for future generations.
Thank you for your tremendous support for The GOP Trust.  GO HERE NOW!

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

Executive Director

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