Unions and Obama Kickoff 2012 Election

The Campaigner-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama launched his $1 billion re-election campaign yesterday.  This is the first shot in what will be the most important battle in modern day politics and one that will determine the future of our great republic.

Consider this:  In just 2 years, Obama took over much of the American healthcare system, auto industry, banking industry, housing industry and student loan industry among others.  His Administration’s pro-European style government added a whopping $3.6 TRILLION to the national debt.  THIS WAS JUST TWO YEARS! Now just imagine what 8 years would bring.

His campaign is expected to break all records with a campaign fund eclipsing $1 billion.  Much of this money will come from his comrades in Big Labor. That’s right, a bulk of his campaign cash will come from the very unions we are fighting right now in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and many other states.

We have been fighting to expose the radical Obama agenda from the beginning and have been leading the fight against the union protestors in these key states.

Our ads and videos are reminding the American people that their tax dollars pay the salaries of these public union protestors that skip work to demand more benefits and higher pay even though they already receive more than the private sector.

Stop the Union Stranglehold on our Economy

If we are to stop Obama’s reelection and derail his radical agenda we must not back down from this important fight.  Make no mistake the battle being fought against the unions in the states is the first critical battle of 2012.

Now it is time to move this fight to a bigger stage. To successfully expose Big Labor corruption and to counter their millions of forced dues being spent to elect big government, Obama Democrats – WE MUST THINK BIG AND ACT EVEN BIGGER.

I have developed a MULTI-PRONGED STRATEGY that will tell the American public the truth about union waste and abuse and will fully expose their socialist agenda that has deeply infected the political establishment.

  1. We are going to produce a short, explosive documentary on unions and their destructive impact on the American social, economic and political system. We produced a similar film last fall, Breaking Point that redefined the historic November election for conservatives.
  2. We are going to continue to produce our campaign style TV ads to support our fearless leaders taking the fight to their states. The Wisconsin ad produced by our creative team was dubbed by pollster Frank Luntz as the only ad that truly worked during that fight.  He said “This is one of the rare times in American politics today when a very clear, very tough message appeals across the political spectrum… They set the proper context… They set the proper tone.”

With your help, we will produce this documentary, create more ads and buy massive chunks of national and local airtime to expose the truth to the entire American public.


End the Union Stranglehold on our Economy

Our 30 Minute Documentary will expose the government unions and permanently change the public perception of union leadership in this country.

Our team is sorting through hours of video footage showing union violence and union leaders talking about their power and political influence over the very government officials who determine their wages and benefits.

Everyone deserves to see this video footage and our important research.
If we can get this information in front of the American people we will severely limit their ability to strong-arm the political and electoral system for decades.

We have done this before and with your help we will do it again!


The fight against public sector unions has moved into 20 states including: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee and Washington. More measures are being introduced every day!

The battle in WISCONSIN and OHIO is still far from over.  If we don’t turn the tide in the battle for public opinion we will ultimately lose these once thought victories.

Labor leaders and their Democrat pawns in Ohio have started a massive effort to repeal the bill through a ballot initiative and launched multiple court challenges.

A liberal judge in Wisconsin ordered “no further implementation” of the legislation.  The Unions have launched a viscous boycott against more than 200 job creating companies and are now resorting to BLACKMAIL telling companies to either post a pro-union sign in your shop’s window or you will make the list!

Additionally the Wisconsin unions are getting significant momentum with their re-call campaign against 6 Republican senators and running an incredible smear campaign against conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to switch the balance of the court that will ultimately decide the fate of Wisconsin’s legislation.

We have a great opportunity before us but we must turn the tide in public opinion.  We can do it!

Help us win this fight!

Please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your friends and colleagues. We need as many conservatives as possible to help combat the millions being spent by Big Labor!!

If we are to succeed in stopping the corrupt unions and their socialist agenda from bankrupting our country we must capitalize on our momentum and fight this multi-state battle with a message that reaches everyone across the political spectrum.

Winning the battle for public opinion is essential to winning this fight!

When we finally declare victory, the American public will fully understand that there is no such thing as a “Right to Collective Bargaining” and we will have permanently changed the public perception of unions in this country.

Please help us buy massive chunks of national and local airtime and expose the truth about unions to the entire American public.


Together we will defeat Union waste and Abuse!

We must not let Big Labor’s smear tactics and the media’s unabashed bias turn the tide.

We must win the critical public opinion battle.  This can only be accomplished through a massive outreach effort that exposes and disseminates the truth about the corrupt unions to every audience possible.  We must also continue to rally behind and support our brave elected officials and their heroic efforts across the country to regain fiscal control and save their states from bankruptcy.

Big Labor is raising millions of dollars (transferring taxpayer dollars) to support Obama liberals. If we are to ensure the defeat of the Obama’s agenda in 2012 we must defeat the unions now.

If everyone knew what you and I know about the unions, there would never be another liberal Democrat elected President in America. Please help us make this happen.


Together we will win the public opinion battle and provide the needed cover for our brave elected officials to succeed in this noble fight for America’s future.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler


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