Major Victories in Ohio & Florida – Unions Shocked!!

Fight Against Public Sector Unions Escalates
–   New Film exposes Unions and re-defines the fight!
–   Ohio and Florida are ready to join Wisconsin

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

The battle against public sector union waste and abuse is quickly escalating all across the country and we have a plan to ensure commonsense conservative policies prevail and save our economy.

The Florida House of Representatives just delivered a major blow to public sector unions by passing legislation to ban automatic dues deduction from a government paycheck and to require union members to approve the use of their dues for political purposes.

The State of Ohio is expected to pass legislation to limit the scope of collective bargaining this week.  A committee vote is expected as early as tomorrow and the full chamber should clear it for the Governor’s signature later in the week.

We have been fighting this issue with the support of conservatives like you from the beginning.  We have flooded the airwaves with our TV AD and now we are producing a hard hitting short documentary film that will completely redefine this debate and effectively counter the millions being spent by Big Labor, George Soros and the Democrat Party.

If we are to win this fight we MUST GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!!!!

Our 30 Minute Documentary will expose the government unions for the corrupt left-wing Obama militias that they are!!
We are sorting through hours of video footage showing union violence and union leaders talking about their power and political influence over the very government officials who determine their wages and benefits.

If we can get this information in front of the American people we will permanently change the public perception of union leadership in this country and fully expose their socialist agenda.   WE MUST GET THIS DONE ASAP!


Please FORWARD THIS to at least 5 people you know who want to win this fight.  Getting as many conservatives involved as possible is the only way to combat the millions of dollars being spent by Big Labor!!

Even if you have given the maximum to the National Republican Trust PAC, you can still give to National Investigative Media, our 501(c)(4) and that is the organization producing the documentary.

This fight must be taken to the national stage.  The unions in Wisconsin are suing Governor Scott Walker and are attempting to recall a handful of the Republican legislators who voted to limit their ability to use union tactics when pursuing their taxpayer funded retirement.  They have even temporarily blocked the Wisconsin legislation form being implemented through the actions of a liberal state judge.

More than 18 other states including Ohio and Florida are already following in Wisconsin’s path to limit the public unions and restore fiscal sanity in their state.

We can win this fight in every state willing to take on the unions but we must start winning the battle of public perception.  This half hour film will do it.
This film in conjunction with our TV Ads will win the battle of public opinion and protect the brave conservative leaders will to take on this noble fight.
Go here to join the fight.
Get this film on the air today

Help our brave conservative leaders win this battle for America

Union activist use phrases such as “right to collective bargaining” and their media spigots dutifully report it that way. But you and I know that is ludicrous.
There is NO such thing as a “right” to collective bargaining, especially government employees. But this absurd phrase is drilled into the public mindset over and over, without anyone, including Republicans and many conservatives, pointing out how ridiculous it is.

Most, if not all of these government jobs have a waiting list many years long of people who want to secure one. Unfortunately there is way too much security in a government job.  It’s nearly impossible to get fired, the benefits far outweigh the private sector and workers are all but guaranteed an annual wage increase despite their job performance or any outside economic factors.

This is our government and it is funded by us the taxpayers.  Enough is enough! It is time to reign in these public employee unions that use our hard earned money to increase their size, power and salaries while pursuing their socialist agenda.

Expose the Unions and Stop their Agenda
If we are to succeed in stopping the corrupt unions and their socialist agenda from bankrupting our country we must capitalize on our momentum and fight their efforts on a much bigger platform.

That is why I developed this new plan to not only continue to defend our brave conservative leaders in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida but to launch a major offensive against the union stranglehold all across the country.

With your help, we will buy massive chunks of national and local airtime for our documentary and our ads to expose the truth to the entire American public.

End the Union Stranglehold on our Economy

We have successfully fought and won these battles before and we WILL do it again.

We have a long history of producing TV ads and documentaries including our explosive 2010 film, Breaking Point which has been viewed by more than 5 million people nationwide.

This film redefined the historic midterm election last year and helped push dozens of true conservative leaders to victory in states and districts many thought impossible.

With our same team of professionals and their proven record of success we are going to produce a documentary telling the true story of labor unions in America.  We will do this through the non-profit organization I formed to take these types of fights to the next level, National Investigative Media.

Please join us in our efforts to save America from the stranglehold of Big Labor.

We have done it before and we will do it again!

Together we will produce a hard hitting, effective documentary and stop the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda.   It is our time now!  Help us take our country back!

Please GO HERE NOW! Our BIG actions will deliver BIG results for conservatives and put our government back to work for us.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler,
National Investigative Media

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