Urgent Message from Scott Wheeler, Executive Director

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Unions are pouring millions into Wisconsin as all of America is watching.  When unions show up demanding more pay and benefits that means YOUR TAXES GO UP!!!!

The labor unions are trying to recall 8 of the Republican legislators in Wisconsin to teach other states a lesson about crossing these corrupt unions.

We must respond!  It is coming down to this fight.  If we win, we can set the precedent for other states.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND WINNING PUBLIC OPINION IS CRUCIAL TO WINNING THIS FIGHT!!! That is why we are running our ads in Wisconsin and preparing to take them to other states where similar fights are taking shape.

If you haven’t yet seen our powerful TV ad that is changing the dynamics of this debate WATCH IT NOW!

If you have already given for this fight thank you very much and if you can do more I really appreciate it because so much is on the line.

If you haven’t given yet please GO HERE NOW – JOIN THE FIGHT!

No Backing Down!

We are making a difference at this critical time and everyone on the Left knows it!

As soon as our ads hit the airwaves in Wisconsin, I began receiving threatening phone calls and you can probably guess from who….. but I told the ones that I spoke to that I didn’t back down from Hamas and other Middle Eastern terrorists and I am not going to back down from the union thugs!!!

I usually don’t report to you about the threats and other drama that takes place here while we fight the radical Left wing anti-American forces of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Axis that has taken over but I thought you would want to know about this.

With your help we can show these union thugs that we won’t flinch when they threaten us…. WE RELOAD!! AND RELOAD WE MUST!

Please GO HERE to help us increase the ad frequency in Wisconsin and to help us come up with more powerful ads to run in the other states that will soon see these union thugs showing up and demanding more.

We have won a small battle with the Wisconsin Senate vote last night but we have by no means won the war. We must continue the fight!

Without your support the gains we achieved as a result of the vote last night could all be lost!


Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

PS- FORWARD this message to everyone you know.  If everyone reading this email will forward this email to 10 people we will deliver more soldiers to this fight than Obama, Soros and Big Labor can handle.

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