Wisconsin: About to boil over

Thanks to You
We are Taking Back America

Thank you GOP Trust Supporter:

This morning we delivered a massive blow to Obama’s radical agenda. Governor Walker just signed a heroic piece of legislation into law in Wisconsin that will send shockwaves from Madison to Washington, DC.

The brave leaders in Wisconsin were able to take on Big Labor because of your overwhelming support.  Our ads provided the much needed counterpunch to the dirty smear machine launched by Obama and the Democrats.

Make no mistake this is the first battle of the 2012 presidential race. The Left and their hired muscle in the unions are raising tons of money on this and we need to fight back or we will walk into 2012 way behind.

If we can break the unions’ back in 2011, the Democrats will be on life support to begin 2012.

Thank you for your efforts! This is a great victory but…OUR WORK IS NOT DONE YET!!

We must respond to the unions with strength and resolve.

  • SEIU has planned 10 Wisconsin rallies on Saturday and 6 more on Sunday
  • The Unions have launched a national campaign to recall 8 conservative Wisconsin senators.
  • Big Labor and the Democrats are preparing legal challenges and organizing their biggest rally yet at the Wisconsin State Capitol.
  • Big Labor organized a huge march yesterday in-front of the Indiana Capitol.

Help us produce more powerful ads to win this fight!

This battle to reign in the unions is popping up all over the country and we need to come together and remain focused to support the brave leaders taking on this fight.

  • Ohio – The State House is just days away from a vote to limit collective bargaining.
  • Florida– The legislature is debating legislation to limit teacher tenure and restore commonsense to education.
  • Idaho The Governor is ready to sign similar legislation reforming teacher tenure.
  • Iowa – The House of Representatives is currently debating legislation to curb collective bargaining rights for government employees.
  • Michigan – The Michigan legislature has approved separate measures to give the state the power to break union contracts.
  • Indiana – The Senate passed a bill to limit public school teachers’ collective bargaining rights and is considering other measures that curb organized labor influence.
  • New Hampshire – The House passed a right-to-work bill that prohibits public sector workers from being required to join labor unions.
  • Kansas – The House passed legislation outlawing employee payroll deductions for union dues and political action committees.
  • Tennessee – The Senate Education Committee just passed a bill that would end teachers’ rights to working conditions through collective bargaining.
  • 9 Other States – have introduced legislation to limit on public worker collective bargaining: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Washington.

We must get our ads running in these states.  If you have not seen it yet, please watch our TV ad now.

Updated Union AdWatch the Ad

As Obama said, “elections have consequences.”   It is our time to take back our country and restore fiscal discipline.

The best investment of 2011 is to crush the Democrat Party’s base. We are so close to stripping the Democrats of their power base, WE CANNOT LET UP NOW

Help us produce more powerful ads to win this fight!

Their spinsters are already painting this as a David vs. Goliath battle, as ironically illustrated by multimillionaire Michael Moore’s  “this is war…. we’re going to throw your ___ in jail” rant on the Rachel Maddow Show.

The far-left is trying to hijack the narrative here and paint the unions as a counterweight to corporate power, when in reality they have become MORE powerful than corporations under the current administration.

Unions are not the little guy anymore and haven’t been for a long time, no matter how politically expedient it may be for them to portray themselves as such.

Now we, the American people, are the little guy and it’s time for honest, hard-working Americans who don’t have an army of union thugs to back them up to fight back.

The GOP Trust has shifted gears and is fully prepared to take this aggressive campaign nationwide.  We will win this war for the future of our great country.

Help us bring victories to every state taking on Big Labor
Together we can do it!

Thank you again for your tremendous support.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler


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