Huge Victory in Wisconsin – Unions are Furious!

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Last night, we had a HUGE VICTORY in the Wisconsin Senate as they passed a bill to restrict state workers collective bargaining rights by an 18 -1 margin.

This victory is big but the battle is not over. The State Assembly still has to pass the legislation and get it to Governor Walker before it can be signed into law opening the floodgates of similar actions across the country.

We made it this far because of the overwhelming support of Conservatives like you.

We need to up our ad buy again today to ensure the State Assembly has the support they need to fight back against the unions which are going nuts in Madison.

Michael Moore and the rest of the professional Left are heading to Wisconsin. They are mobilizing unions to stage a massive protest on Saturday. They are recruiting high school students for this!!!!!

We must answer immediately before the Governor backs down. We must assert our rights as a nation to stop collective bargaining with our money.  We do not get a seat at the table when government unions buy politicians!!!

This could be a major win for us if they hold the line and refuse to back down.

We will not back down.  Help us buy more air time today and deliver this victory for all of America.

These Ads will deliver a victory

We are so very close to victory but we cannot let up.

Our ad is already airing on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and ESPN and with your help we will increase that footprint again today.

Together we will deliver a massive victory for Conservatives in Wisconsin that will be felt all the way to the White House.

Obama knows we will quickly take our fight on the road to any state willing to take on the unions and eliminate the Democrats taxpayer funded campaign cash machine.

We must continue our education campaign so that everyone in Wisconsin and nationwide knows what this is about.

GO HERE to take away Obama’s ATM and save our economy.  Wisconsin is the critical first step.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler

PS- If you have not seen our latest TV Ad – Please Watch it Now.


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