Our NEW AD is driving the Unions and Democrats nuts!

  • Wisconsin Layoffs Imminent
  • Ready to Arrest AWOL Democrats
  • Unions Up Pressure in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio…
  • Brand New Ad Hitting Airwaves today!!

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

The stakes in Wisconsin’s battle to reign in public sector unions has reached the tipping point.

We have just unveiled a new TV Ad (Watch it below) that we are putting on the air today.

Governor Scott Walker will begin issuing pink slips to more than 1,500 state employees today. The unions are going nuts!

The Wisconsin Senate yesterday authorized the Sargent at Arms to use force, arrest and return the gutless Democrat senators hiding in Illinois and shirking their public duty.

The issue of public union waste is escalating in New Jersey with new protest and marches in Trenton and in Ohio where legislation to curtail collective bargaining is expected to be signed into law this month.

Conservatives need to come together and hold the line in this bitter battle for our economic future.

We will run our ad in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and all states that need our support to win this fight.

Please help us buy massive chunks of airtime and win this battle in the public arena.

Go Here to Get this Ad on the Air

Together we will win this fight for America

This new ad goes to the heart of the issue and will fire up and convince anyone questioning the merits behind this critical fight.  The ad focuses on the out-of-control spending and the public sectors union greed that forces everyday workers to work longer and harder for less pay and benefits.

Please WATCH our new ad now.


Please forward this ad to as many people as you can.

It is not only designed to win the battle in Wisconsin but is crafted to be just as effective in any state that is facing budget shortfalls or that  remains in the choke hold of public sector unions.

Click here to watch the ad!

We can and will win this fight in Wisconsin, Ohio and many other states this year but we must stay energized and keep the American public engaged.  We must counter every dirty tactic and vicious smear from the Left and Big Labor.

These ads are just a start!  Help us keep them on the air today!!


Join the fight to defeat Union waste

Take Away The Democrat’s ATM

The more money we raise to run this ad the more impact we will have.

Last week, Big Labor led by SEIU launched a more than 15 state campaign and is working with Moveon.org and Obama’s campaign machine Organizing for America to hold rallies and marches in all 50 states.

If we are to fight their war chest of forced dues and billions from George Soros we must all join together in this important fight.

Let’s blanket the airwaves and stop these unions from destroying our economic future.

Please JOIN THE FIGHT.  Together we will win this multi-state battle for the conservative cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler



4 Comments on “Our NEW AD is driving the Unions and Democrats nuts!”

  1. Lowell Landowski says:

    The alternative to us is privatization. There is no decent alternative to having a civil service. There would be no separation between the private sector and government, without us.

    So the Chamber of Commerce would become an advocate for privatization, and higher government pay out for their clients, thus higher costing services to the tax payers. No competition for private government works if the civil servants, and their unions, can be crushed. On Wisconsin

    What are we afraid of? We should know our place, and they know it too. They cannot run the State without us. All greatly prosperous societies have had excellent public civil services. When civil services are run down, so is society, and so is our State and County.

    • MerlinV12 says:

      Privatization! Competition! WHAT a concept!

      Here’s another one: Public sector unions can have all the collective bargaining they want, BUT they and their members and immediate families cannot have anything whatsoever to do with the electoral process which chooses the people on the management side that they will bargain with. They won’t vote, they won’t contribute in money or in kind to any electoral candidate or initiative. Oh, and the government managers will have the option of sourcing services in the private sector if the public sector unions can’t offer services at competitive prices.

  2. Dave Fernandez says:

    The solution is simple, if we live in a democracy, and not a Republic, then do away with the public sector unions and let the people who pay the taxes decide, by way of a special vote or plebiscite, the wages and benefits of their public sector employees. If the people say no raises or gold plated retirement pachages, then either deal with it, or quit and go work somewhere else.

  3. johnny walker says:

    So now we taxpayers have to kiss the rings of not only the union bosses..but to jesse jackson and michele moore too…

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