Huge union defeat in Ohio – Wisconsin remains in flux – New polls show hope!

  • BIG WIN in OHIO!!
  • Unions on verge of defeat
  • Wisconsin AWOL Democrats dig in again
  • New Polls show Conservatives winning

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:
Yesterday the battle to reign in public sector unions in Ohio saw a huge victory.  The Ohio Senate passed a bill to limit collective-bargaining rights for public employees and require them to contribute at least 15% of their healthcare premiums by a razor thin 17 to 16 vote.
This victory was made possible by thousands of conservatives like you coming together and supporting these brave lawmakers who are willing to make the tough decisions to cut spending and limit government growth.
We started our campaign to protect these lawmakers and fight back against the union smear machine last week and your response has been overwhelming.
We had a big victory in Ohio last night but we still have a long way to go.  We need to ensure this legislation makes it through the Republican held Ohio House intact and lands safely on Governor Kasich’s desk.
We need to continue and even ramp up our efforts to support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as this battle continues to crescendo.
Conservatives have the momentum and will take this battle to dozens of states but we must stay energized and keep our ads on the air.


Conservatives have public opinion on their side but the immense war chest of cash from Big Labor, George Soros’ army and Obama’s Organizing for America is gaining traction and has no intention of letting up.
Yesterday a new poll by NBC/WSJ revealed more than 70% of Americans are closely following the battle over public unions in Wisconsin.  The poll also showed that the American public strongly supports the efforts of Governor Walker and Governor Kasich.

  • 68% said government workers should be required to contribute more to their own retirement
  • 63% said they should be required to contribute more to their healthcare
  • 58% support a full-on one-year salary freeze for all government workers

We have the public on our side but you would never know that if you listen to the mainstream media reports.  We must keep everyone energized and fight this battle until we have reached our victory.
If we are able to successfully reign in government spending and union waste in Wisconsin and Ohio, dozens of states like New Jersey, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada and even California are ready to follow.
We can do it but we must all come together!

Join the fight to defeat Union waste
Take Away Obama’s Election ATM

We must get our ads on the air today to combat the Left and keep the momentum on our side.
We cannot allow their dirty tactics and ruthless smears change this debate and defeat the pro-business, pro-free market proposals that will save our economy and the future of our country.
We must be prepared to quickly respond to their every move.  They have a huge war chest of cash and apparently an endless supply of doctor notes.  We have you and all American loving conservatives to fight back.
If we all come together we can blanket the airwaves and stop these unions from destroying our economic future.
Please JOIN THE FIGHT.  Together we will win this multi-state battle for the conservative cause.
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler


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