Obama Lashes Out – Wisconsin Battle Heats Up

  • Wisconsin enters FINAL HOURS
  • OBAMA lashes out at conservative Governors
  • Unions Double down their efforts

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:
The final hours are fast approaching in Wisconsin’s battle over the public union’s stranglehold on the economy.  The outcome of this fight will have major implications across the country.
If we are able to reign in government spending and union waste in Wisconsin, dozens of states like Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Tennessee, Nevada and evenCalifornia are ready to follow.
We can do it but we must win in Wisconsin first!
Obama knows how critical union control is to his re-election bid.  He knows that without their control of government money he cannot advance his radical transformation of America.  Yesterday in a speech to the Nation’s governors he scolded their efforts to reign in his personal campaign ATM.
We must win this battle in Wisconsin and take the momentum to other states.  We have never seen polling numbers on public sector unions this low.  Nor have we seen the public’s appetite to cut government spending this high.  THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!
We must use this momentum to save our country from massive debt and expanding government control.
We are hitting the airwaves in Wisconsin and will be moving into other states quickly.  You can join the fight and help get these ads on the air.  We will buy as much airtime as we can in every state that needs our help.

Join the fight to defeat Union waste
Take Away Obama’s Election ATM


Big Labor and the Democrats will stop at nothing to advance their socialist agenda and expand the power of government.  Please know that all of these public sector union rallies that have popped up across the country are being paid for with YOUR hard earned tax dollars.
That’s right, We the taxpayers are paying for all of these teachers to skip school and get their fake doctor’s note.
We are also paying for the cowardly Democrat legislators that have skipped town and refuse to perform their duties.
These public sector unions are dumping millions of “FORCED DUES” into the fight in Wisconsin and across the country.

Last week, Big Labor led by SEIU launched a more than 15 state campaign and is working with Moveon.org and Obama’s campaign machine Organizing for Americato hold rallies and marches in all 50 states.
If we are to fight their war chest of forced dues and billions from George Soros we must all join together in this important fight.
Help us get these ads running everywhere!!

Expose the Truth about Union costs
Stop the Union Stranglehold on our Economy
Buy Massive Airtime Today!!


We must get our ads on the air today to combat the Left and keep the momentum on our side. We need to counter their dirty tricks with force.
We cannot allow their dirty tactics to change this debate and defeat the pro-business, pro-free market proposals that will save our economy and the future of our country.
We must be prepared to quickly respond to their every move.  They have a huge war chest of cash and apparently an endless supply of doctor notes.  We have you and all American loving conservatives to fight back.
If we all come together we can blanket the airwaves and stop these unions from destroying our economic future.
Please JOIN THE FIGHT. Together we will win this multi-state battle for the conservative cause.
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler




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