Unions score first – Tea Party fights back

  • NEA says – It’s about power not the kids
  • Runaway Dems get Union Victory in Indiana
  • More Dirty tactics in Wisconsin
  • New Ads will defeat Big Labor

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Here we go again… Big Labor and the Democrats will stop at nothing to advance their socialist agenda and expand the power of government. Last night, the Democrats’ gutless technique of fleeing town delivered a major although temporary victory for unions in Indiana.

We cannot allow their dirty tactics to change this debate and defeat the pro-business, pro-free market proposals that will save our economy and the future of our country. The breadth of this battle goes well beyond Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

We must get our ads on the air today to combat the Left and keep the momentum on our side. We need to counter their dirty tricks with force.

We started this campaign on Tuesday and your response has been overwhelming. We will be releasing our ads soon and need your help to buy as much airtime as possible.

The Left knows this battle could spell the end of their agenda to Europeanize America. Without unions funding their elections and funding their lobbying efforts the Democrats will quickly lose their grasp on power and taxpayer money.

Help us get these Ads on the Air
Fight Union Thuggery and Dirty Tricks

Just yesterday, a liberal Left blogger tried to trick Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker into a “gotcha moment” by posing as the conservative philanthropist David Koch. Can you imagine the media’s response if the roles were reversed and a conservative posed as George Soros (not that anyone could stomach pulling off such a ploy)?

The media and the Left would go berserk!! But as you might expect they actually praised the blogger and are now trying to put words into Governor Walker’s mouth.

The Left knows they could never win this debate by discussing the issues so they stoop to disgraceful acts like this.

Teachers running around Wisconsin with their fake doctor notes would have everyone believe they are skipping school for the children but the National Education Association’s former top lawyer, Bob Chanin revealed their true motives at a recent NEA annual meeting:

“It is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”

It is high time we take this power away from the unions and restore fiscal sanity in this country. Last fall, we all came together to elect brave conservative leaders ready to make difficult decisions and to fight the tough battles. We succeeded then but our job is far from done.

We must all come together again to support the conservative leaders we elected and to help them implement the policies that will ultimately save our county from the Left.

These ads are a critical first step. We can do it but we need your help.

These ads will end Big Labor’s Stranglehold on our Economy

We knew going into this fight that the Democrats and the unions will deploy every dirty tactic in the book. Now that we have them backed into a corner in multiple state capitols, the stakes just got significantly higher and their actions will get significantly uglier.

We must be prepared to quickly respond to their every move. They have a huge war chest of cash and apparently an endless supply of doctor notes. We have you and all American loving conservatives to fight back.

If we all come together we can blanket the airwaves and stop these unions from destroying our economic future.

Please JOIN THE FIGHT. Together we will win this multi-state battle for the conservative cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler


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