Big Labor’s Waterloo moment – Conservatives prep the battlefield

  • SEIU holds rallies in 14 states
  • Big Labor Launches $30 Million Campaign
  • Polls show labor at all-time low
  • NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT – Save our country from union waste!
  • NEW ADS crucial to victory!
Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Big Labor is on its heels in dozens of states as pro-business governors and legislatures move to end the union stranglehold on their state budgets and economy.  Conservatives have all of the momentum but the media and the liberal left are fighting back and getting traction.

This could be Big Labor’s Waterloo if we all come together to fight for our free market, limited government principles.

If we successfully win this multi-state battle we will end the Democrats illegitimate grip on our nation and save our economy.

Now is the time to act!  Public opinion of public sector unions is at an all-time low.

Recent polls indicate a huge dip in union support.  Claris Polling reported that 64% of voters think government workers should NOT have union representations; just 45% give unions a favorable rating according to Pew; and Rasmussen reported that just 38% of likely voters support the public employees.

We must strike while the iron is hot. We are launching a series of educational ads to respond to union attacks and help the brave governors and legislators in the states that are taking the unions head-on.

We will be successful but we need your help to get these ads on the air.
These ads will end Big Labor’s Stranglehold on our Economy

The battles to reign in public sector unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states have quickly become the most important issue for fiscal conservatives in decades.

Many of these unions are run by central planners in Washington hell-bent on advancing their socialist agenda. For decades they have been using their union dues to elect Socialist democrats and defeat conservative candidates.

Obama is seeing his grasp on power slip away.  He knows that union cash and intimidation is essential if he is to get re-elected and finish his radical transformation of America.  Our ads will stop him!

If the efforts to reign in these economy destroying unions are successful in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana dozens of states will follow. Many are already introducing legislation.
The Democrats have launched their counter attack:

  • Big labor has coordinated and launched a $30 million campaign to fight back in 11 states.

  • Obama has unleashed his campaign team, Organizing for America and has flown to Ohio to stump for his agenda.

  • SEIU is busy organizing and holding 16 rallies in 14 states.

  • and the Soros funded army are rapidly moving into these states to stop all progress.

The unions have been a drain on state budgets for too long – it is time to reign in the madness and stand up for the American dream.  We must win this fight!
If we don’t do this, Obama will be reelected and Democrats will take back the House and continue to own the U.S. Senate.

Fight the Socialists and Defeat their radical agenda

Legislators in Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada introduced labor bills in their own states.  Legislators in other states including Florida are in the process of putting their legislative proposals together.

The liberal left and Barack Obama know that if we are able to weaken the 7.6 million member strong public sector union chokehold on state and local budgets they will lose their footing to advance their radical transformation of America.

We must stay ahead of these unions and educate the public about their true cost to our economy.

We are preparing a series of ads to run simultaneously on TV, Radio, Newspaper and Billboards in the states that are advancing legislation to limit collective bargaining and in the states big labor is spending their $30 million war chest.
Help us get these ads on the air today.
Fight back against Obama and Big Labor
Act now to save our states from uncontrollable debt!

Help us educate the citizens of these states about the real costs of these Cadillac healthcare and pension plans they as taxpayers are funding for these government unions.
We must act before the liberal media and Barack Obama uses his bully pulpit to redefine and hijack this issue.
Help us get these ads on the air today.

We will be running this important campaign in conjunction with the National Investigative Media.  When I launched National Investigative Media last year to compliment the efforts of the GOP Trust, one of the first projects we launched was exposing the truth about unions.

This ad campaign is just the beginning.  We will continue to dig and expose the truth about what really happens with union dues and why non-union members of the American public are the ones who are really footing the bill for their pensions, over-time, vacations, and more!

We will continue to expose campaign election fraud coordinated by unions.

You can help us get these ads on the air and continue these important investigations today.  We can do it but we need your help.

Please help us finish this important project.  GO HERE NOW to get these ads on the air.
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler

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