Socialists of America are uniting – Union thugs key to their agenda

The battle to reign in public sector unions in Wisconsin has quickly become the most important issue for fiscal conservatives in decades.

Many of the unions are run by central planners in Washington… they are socialists and this is the conflict they have been planning for some time now.

Union thuggery and intimidation is Obama’s last gasp to hang on to his presidency and ensure the permanent expansion of the federal government.   We have a plan to stop him!

If Governor Scott Walker is successful in reigning in the government employee union’s collective bargaining power and forcing them to pay their fair share of pension and healthcare contributions dozens of states will follow in his wake.  Ohio has already started!

14 Democrat lawmakers have cowardly fled Wisconsin and stalled progress.  The Wisconsin GOP has the votes to pass the bill but they need at least 1 of the gutless Democrats to be present to vote on the bill.  We have a message to the run-a-way Democrats – DO YOUR JOB!!  We are preparing ads right now that will make them respond!

Lacking political courage, Democrats in Indiana are copying the run-a-way Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers by fleeing their state to block voting on their own bill!  This is outrageous!

Other states are following suit.  Legislators in Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada introduced labor bills in their own states.  Legislators in other states including Florida are in the process of putting their legislative proposals together.

The unions have been a drain on state budgets for too long – it is time to reign in the madness and stand up for the American dream.

If we don’t do this, Obama will be reelected and Democrats will take back the House and continue to own the U.S. Senate.

We have been working on a plan to get ahead of these unions with a series of educational ads to fight back and get the public on our side.

Fight the Socialists and Defeat their radical agenda

The liberal left and Barack Obama know that if we are able to weaken the 7.6 million member strong public sector union stranglehold on state and local budgets they will lose their footing to advance their radical transformation of America.

Obama has unleashed his campaign team of community organizers“Organizing for America” to work alongside and through a new $30 million, 11 state campaign backed by Big Labor to defeat these conservative Republican efforts and to actually expand their collective bargaining power.

SEIU is working today to organize 16 rallies in fourteen states!  WE MUST RESPOND!!

Obama has called Walker’s plan “an assault on unions.”  We all know why Obama is taking this so personally – because he would not be in the White House without the heavy handed help of Big Labor.

Unemployment has been at 9%+ for more than 21 straight months – the longest on record – but TODAY Obama is stumping for jobs in Ohio.  Why?  Because he cares about jobs?  No, because legislators in Ohio are considering a bill to restrict collective bargaining and Obama needs the union support to keep the smokescreen that is his Administration in tact.  We will clear the smoke and expose Obama’s dirty tactics.

The GOP Trust stands firmly behind Governor Walker and all of the other brave legislators who are willing to fight Big Labor head on.

We will not let Big Labor’s selfish and outrageous demands kill the American dream.  We have a plan to take the unions head-on and expose the ludicrous agreements they have secured for their employees at the expense of every taxpayer in the state.

We are preparing a series of ads to run simultaneously on TV, Radio, Newspaper and Billboards in the states that are advancing legislation to limit collective bargaining and in the states big labor is spending their $30 million war chest.

Help us get these ads on the air today.
Fight back against Obama and Big Labor
Act now to save our states from uncontrollable debt!

The White House has tried to curtail Obama speaking out in favor of the unions because his dismal approval rating is not helping Big Labor’s efforts – but he spoke out in favor of Big Labor as soon as the issues in Wisconsin arose – we know where Obama stands and we know that his cronies at Organizing for America and are helping to fuel the fire.

Lionizing Clinton is all part of this massive resurrection of the Democrat party campaign.  That is why it was critical for us to fight back against MSNBC’s propaganda piece last night.  We will continue to hit them everywhere… we cannot wait until 2012 to do these things we must be fighting them every day!

We will counter their dirty tactics, and we will run ads in Wisconsin and Ohio but will quickly expand to Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania and others.

Last fall, we came together to elect dozens of conservative GOP governors that ran on a pro-business agenda.  Now it is time to come together to ensure they are able to successfully implement fiscally sound budgets that are FAIR TO EVERYONE!

Obama does not care about what is fair to everyone – if he was, then he would not be giving waivers from Obamacare to companies that supported Obamacare – it is just ludicrous!!  The American public is paying attention and so are we!

Our ads will help support Governor Walker and help put Big Labor out of the business of bullying and scare tactics.  This issue is too important for us to allow Big Labor and the liberal media to hijack and defeat us.

States like Wisconsin and Ohio are facing a $3.6 billion and an $8 billion dollar budget gap respectively.  States all across the country are facing unmanageable debt.  The only way for them to address this debt without implementing massive tax increases is to address out of control spending due in large part to the un-fundable handouts given to public sector unions.

Help us educate the citizens of these states about the real costs of these Cadillac plans they as taxpayers are funding for the government unions.

We must act before the liberal media and Barack Obama uses his bully pulpit to redefine and hijack this issue.

Help us get these ads on the air today.


We will be running this important campaign in conjunction with the National Investigative Media.  When I launched National Investigative Media last year to compliment the efforts of the GOP Trust, one of the first projects we launched was exposing the truth about unions.

This ad campaign is just the beginning.  We will continue to dig and expose the truth about what really happens with union dues and why non-union members of the American public are the ones who are really footing the bill for their pensions, over-time, vacations, and more!

We will continue to expose campaign election fraud coordinated by unions.

You can help us get these ads on the air and continue these important investigations today.  We can do it but we need your help.

Please help us finish this important project.  GO HERE NOW to get these ads on the air.

Scott Wheeler


2 Comments on “Socialists of America are uniting – Union thugs key to their agenda”

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  2. Diane Crouse says:

    If we do not stop this socialist agenda we will not have a Constitution or a free Nation to live in. If these thugs continue to have their way there will not be a free economy or any form of liberty. Obama told America boldly, when he was running for office that he would fundamentally change this Nation. That is exactly what he and his socialist associates are working to do.

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