CENSOR ALERT: Conservatives Rejected

• Media Re-writes Clinton Legacy – Boosts His Political Power
• REJECTS Conservative Voices, Tramples the Truth!
• See what NBC doesn’t want you to see! (Watch Below)

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Not only are the liberal media attempting to re-write history by crowning the treacherous and treasonous Bill Clinton, “President of the World”, now they’re engaging in the most egregious CENSORSHIP and stomping on the Constitution to do it!

As you know, the Democrats and their brethren in the media have launched a new strategy to re-elect Barack Obama and to secure their majority in the U.S. Senate by recreating the most corrupt politician of our lifetime and sending him out to attack conservatives.

Tomorrow evening, Chris Matthews and the rest of the liberal media elites, will crown Bill Clinton “President of the World.”

We’ve rushed to respond so that the “new” Bill Clinton – created through lies and distortion – does not gain momentum…and to ensure that every-day Americans do not forget how he created a more dangerous world for our children and grandchildren.

BUT NBC HAS REJECTED our TV ad (Watch below) that offers stark rebuttal to the Left’s outrageous documentary, a revisionist propaganda piece aimed to advance the radical agenda of the Anti-American progressives.

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!! Our ad has been viewed by millions and we won’t let up untill every American has the opportunity to see the truth!

PLEASE, help us get these ads on the air on an alternate network and through as many avenues as possible! You may have seen or ad running on the Drudge Report and other conservative websites this weekend. We will buy space and run our ad as many times as we can during this broadcast – just as we have in the days leading up to this propaganda event. We can expose the truth but we need your support!

Defeat Obama’s re-election plan
Don’t let the media rewrite history!

Our new ad decimates this blatant propaganda by exposing Clinton’s true legacy of treason, treachery, and the never-ending pursuit of personal power and riches.

We will run this ad everywhere we can leading up to and during MSNBC’s broadcast. You and I will show all of America that the Democrats newly-resurrected attack dog is an embarrassment to their Party and to our country.

If you have not seen the ad, please watch it now!

Click Here to Watch

Our plan has infuriated the Democrats and the liberal media, because we’ve prevented them from manufacturing and broadcasting bold and unchallenged lies. And, we will ensure they do not resurrect this treasonous, treacherous, and shameful politician.

Help us get these ads on the air today! Time is running out!

Stop Bill Clinton in his tracks!
Help a true conservative majority!!

We need your help to counter this narrative, and to set the record straight! The Liberal Left is betting on Americans’ collective amnesia, and on Republicans’ historical inability to keep up with the sheer volume of liberal lies. We must prove them wrong on both counts.

Our action is critical to the future of our country and specifically, to the conservative cause. The only way we American-loving conservatives can save our country and win the critical battles we are fighting is to directly challenge and counter the liberal media. We must let the Left’s record of corruption and incompetence speak for itself. The first step is to make sure that record is available – and highlighted – for all to see.

The United States of America is the greatest invention in the history of the world and she deserves to be defended at every turn. If you believe in American exceptionalism please join with me to help set the record straight.

Do not let the media and the Left get away with this!
We must hit the airwaves and tell America the truth.
We will not let them SILENCE US!!

Please forward this important letter to friends and family. We need as many American-loving conservatives as possible promoting these efforts and helping us purchase more airtime.

If we all come together we will successfully prevent the media’s revisionist efforts to sweep Clinton’s flagrant betrayal of America under the rug.

Thank you for all you do for our great country and for the conservative cause. We will fight together and retake our country one battle at a time.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler


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