Democrats unveil their Gipper

  • Democrats desperately need their own version of Reagan
  • They know their Agenda hangs in the Balance
  • Through Lies and Distortion they have Re-vamped Bill Clinton
  • Will we allow this Resurrected Fraud to attack Conservatives?

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

After last year’s historic election for Conservatives the Democrat Party went into a political tailspin.  They recognized that before they can regain their footing on the campaign trail they must create their own iconic Party leader.  They need their Party’s version of Ronald Reagan.

You and I both know that no leader exists in the unprincipled and unpatriotic void that is the Democrat Party.  In fact even the Democrats fully acknowledge this absence.

Their only option was to literally recreate and redefine the legacy of Bill Clinton through lies and distortion. If they are successful in their Dr. Frankenstein-like political makeover of Bill Clinton, he will become the force Democrats need to turn around their election woes and re-elect Barack Obama.

We won’t let this horror story happen!!  We developed a strategy and produced a highly effective TV ad that will expose Clinton’s true legacy of treason, treachery, scandal and embarrassment.

In just three days MSNBC will unveil the “new and improved” Bill Clinton for the entire world to see in a special titled “President of the World.”  We will run our ad during this broadcast and show America the truth while reminding them of Clinton’s true character.

Stop the Democrats plan to rewrite history and rewrite the American dream.

Stop the Left from Lying to America!

This powerful ad confronts and demolishes a central tenant of the Democrats strategy to re-elect Barack Obama and to hold on to the U.S. Senate.

The Left’s scheme to re-rewrite history with lies and to create a “great” leader out of Bill Clinton for political campaign purposes is absolutely ludicrous and downright dangerous.

If you have not done so already please watch the ad that has been seen by thousands.  This ad will drive the liberal Left nuts because it will set the record straight before they can create a political machine for all Democrat candidates and their radical legislative agenda.

Watch it Now

Our action is critical to the future of our country and the Conservative cause.  The only way we American loving Conservatives can save our country and win the critical battles we are fighting is to directly challenge and counter the liberal media.

We cannot sit idly by and allow the media to rewrite history.  If we don’t respond the anti-American agenda will win!

We can stop them and you can make a difference!

Don’t let the media rewrite history!

Our country cannot stand another four years of Obama and the Left’s anti-American agenda.  We must respond to every attack from the left and never let up for an instant if we are to restore the American dream.

We need your help to set the record straight and to remind America about the true legacy of Bill Clinton.  Our ad exposes the highly classified technology Clinton sold to Communist China putting all American families and our men and women in uniform at risk.

Technologies such as:
-Stealth Technology
-The J20 Fighter
-Radiation Hardened Nuclear Chips
-Advance Space Technology
-Missile Technology
-Multiple Re-entry Warhead Technology

The United States of America is the greatest invention in the history of the world and she deserves to be defended at every turn.  If you believe in American exceptionalism please join with me to help set the record straight.

Do not let the media and the Left get away with this!

We must hit the airwaves and tell America the truth.

We will not let them redefine a man or history.

We will not forget.  We will not stand down.  And we will never allow the Left to rewrite history for their political gains.  And we know that no matter how hard they try they can never elevate Bill Clinton to the same stratosphere as Ronald Reagan.

We are proud to fight alongside you and to provide a powerful voice for the Conservative cause and all hardworking American families.

Please GO HERE NOW to support this fight!

Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler


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