New Ad Destroys the Left’s 2012 Strategy – Watch it Now!!

– Bill Clinton Attacks Michele Bachmann
– Former Clinton Team Targets Chairman Issa
– Media Re-writes Clinton Legacy
– Boosts His Political Power
– New Ad Fights Back (watch it below)
– Conservatives Expose Clinton’s Real Legacy

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

The Democrats have launched a new strategy to re-elect Barack Obama and to secure their majority in the U.S. Senate. They are recreating the most corrupt politician of our lifetime and sending him out to attack conservatives.

We must respond before the “new” Bill Clinton – created through lies and distortion – gains momentum and every day Americans forget how he created a more dangerous world for our children and grandchildren.

In just five days, Chris Matthews and the rest of the liberal media elites will crown Bill Clinton “President of the World.”

They will air the most outrageous documentary that is nothing more than a propaganda piece aimed to advance the radical agenda of the Anti-American progressives.

We have a plan! We will destroy these lies with the truth. We have produced an ad (watch ad below) that will run during this broadcast. We will remove every jewel from Clinton’s “Crown of Deception” and crush this corrupt strategy spawned by the Left.

Help us get these ads on the air! We will run our ad as many times as we can during this broadcast – and even in the lead up to the broadcast – but we need your support!

Stop the Clinton Attacks – Defeat Obama’s re-election plan
Don’t let the media rewrite history!

Clinton has already embraced his new role and new legacy, one he has tried to create since leaving office 10 years ago. Just last week, he attacked tea party leader, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland claiming Bachman and Tea Party members are living “in a parallel universe divorced from reality with no facts.”

Our Ad will show America the “Facts” about his true legacy.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Clinton’s former campaign team has launched a massive smear campaign against Chairman Darrell Issa, the new Republican Majority’s lead investigator into the corruption of the Obama Administration.

We must meet these attacks head on. Our ad campaign will do it! Please watch our ad and pass it along to everyone in your address book. Together we will derail the Left’s plan to resurrect Bill Clinton and elect radical progressives and re-elect Obama.


Our plan will infuriate the Democrats and the liberal media. These ads will prevent the media from manufacturing and broadcasting bold and unchallenged lies. And, we will ensure they do not resurrect this treasonous, treacherous, and shameful politician.

Help us get these ads on the air today!

Stop Bill Clinton in his tracks!
Defend Michelle Bachman – Fight for Darrell Issa
Help elect a TRUE conservative majority!!

We need your help to counter this narrative, and to set the record straight! The Liberal Left is betting on Americans’ collective amnesia, and on Republicans’ historical inability to keep up with the sheer volume of liberal lies. We must prove them wrong on both counts.

Our action is critical to the future of our country and specifically, to the conservative cause. The only way we American-loving conservatives can save our country and win the critical battles we are fighting is to directly challenge and counter the liberal media. We must let the Left’s record of corruption and incompetence speak for itself. The first step is to make sure that record is available – and highlighted – for all to see.

We cannot sit idly by and allow the media to rewrite history. If we don’t respond, the anti-American agenda will win!

We need your help to set the record straight and to remind America about the true legacy of Bill Clinton. Our ads expose the technology Clinton sold to Communist China, which has placed all American families, but especially our men and women in uniform, at horrible risk.

“Sell out” Bill Clinton sold these highly classified secrets to Communist China:

– Stealth Technology
– The J20 Fighter
– Radiation Hardened Nuclear Chips
– Advance Space Technology
– Missile Technology
– Multiple Re-entry Warhead Technology

Bill Clinton created a more dangerous world because he and the liberal Democrats have never believed in America’s moral authority to be the world’s lone superpower!!!

The United States of America is the greatest invention in the history of the world and she deserves to be defended at every turn. If you believe in American exceptionalism please join with me to help set the record straight.

Do not let the media and the Left get away with this!
We must hit the airwaves and tell America the truth.
We will not let them redefine a man or our history.

Please forward this important letter to friends and family. We need as many American loving conservatives as possible promoting these efforts and helping us purchase more airtime.

If we all come together, we will successfully prevent the media’s revisionist efforts to sweep Clinton’s flagrant betrayal of America under the rug. Let’s expose this propaganda and derail their radical agenda before it’s too late.

Thank you for all you do for our great country and for the conservative cause. We will fight together and retake our country one battle at a time.

Please GO HERE NOW to support this fight!

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler


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