REVISIONIST HISTORY ALERT: Stop the Crowning of Bill Clinton By Media

In less than one week, the radical Left and the liberal media will continue their efforts to rewrite history and deliver a major victory to the Anti-American progressives. Next Monday, MSNBC will lead this offensive by airing an outrageous documentary built upon LIES to recreate and resurrect Bill Clinton, the most corrupt and dangerous president of our lifetime.

We have a plan, but we need your help to counter this narrative, and to set the record straight! The Liberal Left is betting on Americans’ collective amnesia, and on Republicans’ historical inability to keep up with the sheer volume of liberal lies.  We must prove them wrong on both counts.

Our action is critical to the future of our country and specifically, to the conservative cause.  The only way we American-loving conservatives can save our country and win the critical battles we are fighting is to directly challenge and counter the liberal media.  We must let the Left’s record of corruption and incompetence speak for itself.  The first step is to make sure that record is available – and highlighted – for all to see.

We cannot sit idly by and allow the media to rewrite history.  If we don’t respond, the anti-American agenda will win!

We are finalizing a highly provocative television ad that we will run as many times as possible during MSNBC’s broadcast.  Our ad, which will be available for viewing tomorrow – and which we will send to you – shines a critical spotlight directly on Bill Clinton’s 8 years of treason and treachery for selling America’s highly classified technology to Communist China.

We will remind America of the true Clinton legacy, and we will prevent the media from reinventing history and resurrecting this shameful politician.

Don’t let the media rewrite history!

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is promoting this broadcast by declaring “We’ve never had a world leader (Clinton) like this before…  When you see it all put together, you’ll believe what a phenomenon, what a story that’s here that hasn’t been covered in its real dimension, power and positive force.”

Nauseating stuff…which will become the accepted published wisdom if we do not offer the facts in strong rebuttal.  We cannot allow the media to re-create and present Bill Clinton as the “Great Leader.”  The price we’d pay for doing so would be unacceptably high!

The “new” Bill Clinton will be used to prop up the Left-wing extremist Democrats, to lend them legitimacy and political protection, and to get Obama reelected in 2012. MAKE NO MISTAKE, THIS IS THEIR PLAN!!  THIS IS WHAT PROPOGANDA LOOKS LIKE!!!
This cannot go unchecked.  We must respond!

We need your help to set the record straight and to remind America about the true legacy of Bill Clinton.  Our ads expose the Technology Clinton sold to Communist China, which has placed all American families, but especially our men and women in uniform, at horrible risk.

Technologies such as:

  • Stealth Technology
  • The J20 Fighter
  • Radiation Hardened Nuclear Chips
  • Advance Space Technology
  • Missile Technology
  • Multiple Re-entry Warhead Technology

Bill Clinton created a more dangerous world because he and the liberal Democrats have never believed in America’s moral authority to be the world’s lone superpower!!!

The United States of America is the greatest invention in the history of the world and she deserves to be defended at every turn.  If you believe in American exceptionalism please join with me to help set the record straight.

Do not let the media and the Left get away with this!
We must hit the airwaves and tell America the truth.
We will not let them redefine a man or our history.

Our plan will drive the Democrats and the media nuts. Together, we will derail their attempt to re-write history and push their radical agenda.  We will prevent the media from manufacturing and broadcasting bold and unchallenged lies.  And, we will ensure they do not resurrect this treasonous, treacherous, and shameful politician.

Please forward this important message to friends and family.  The more soldiers we have promoting our efforts the more airtime we can buy.  And the more power we will exert when forcing the Liberals to defend their indefensible record of corruption, incompetence, and treachery.

We will not allow the media’s revisionist efforts to sweep Clinton’s flagrant betrayal of America under the rug.  Together we will expose this propaganda and derail their agenda before it’s too late.

Thank you for all you do for our great country and for the conservative cause.  We will fight together and retake our country one battle at a time.

Please GO HERE NOW to support this fight!

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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