Conservatives Prep the Battlefield

As you read this, we are busy conducting multiple investigations into government waste and corruption.  We are also running a national ad campaign to stop Congress from raising the federal debt ceiling again.  In addition to these activities, we are preparing to launch several other national and strategically targeted issue campaigns but first WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU!

We must ensure that we are focusing on the issues that are most important to you our supporters.  Unlike most political groups, the GOP Trust is funded solely by concerned individuals like you and is not beholden to any corporate or special interest group or any single financier.  We only respond to you and will tirelessly work to promote our shared Conservative ideals.  We are proud to be your voice in Washington!

Please take 2 minutes to fill out the short survey below.  We will share the results with Members of Congress, political leaders throughout the states and with other leaders in the Conservative movement.

Thank you for fighting with me to save our country’s future.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this important survey.  Your opinion counts!

If you have not seen our latest ad, please WATCH IT NOW.  This is just the first in a series coming out to keep the newly elected Congress true the Conservative principles that got them elected.

To support these efforts and help keep this ad on the air please GO HERE NOW.
Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler


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