Join the Intervention: This New Ad Will Stop Government’s Spending Addiction

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

The national debt has surpassed $14 trillion and is skyrocketing every day.  This government spending binge will destroy our future unless we act immediately!  The best opportunity to stop this spending frenzy is approaching quickly so we launched a national ad campaign (see below) to make this a top priority of the new Congress.

Our country’s debt is fast approaching the National Debt Limit.  A limit that was increased by Congress less than a year ago under empty promises and lies about massive spending cuts to come.

Congress must now decide – increase the debt ceiling or cut spending.  IT IS TIME TO ACT!!  We literally cannot afford to sit this fight out.
Earlier this week on the Fox Business Channel Judge Andrew Napolitano in conversation with Glenn Beck stated “The Debt Ceiling should NOT be raised… The Government will have to make very hard choices and that is what we elected them to do.

We at the GOP Trust could not agree more with the Judge.  We are prepared to lead this fight and finally turn off the government money spigots.  We can do it but we need your help.

Please go here to help us spread the word and stop the Spending Binge!

This Ad is Just the Beginning
We must all come together to tell Congress to STOP.  They must cut spending immediately and leave the debt ceiling alone.

Cap The Debt - Join the Intervention

This is just the first in a series of ads we will be pushing over the Internet and airing on national TV. We must get the word out quickly and force Congress to act responsibly.  Remember the money they so greedily spend is yours!


Conservative Leaders Need Our Help
The government addiction to spending and debt is out of control.  According to CBS News  “It took just 7 months for the National Debt to increase from $13 trillion on June 1, 2010 to $14 trillion on Dec. 31.
Conservatives in Congress are preparing to fight but they need our help.  In a recent interview Senator Jim DeMint stated: “We need to have a showdown at this point that we are not going to increase our debt ceiling anymore… We are going to cut things necessary to stay within the current levels, which is over $14 trillion. This needs to be a big showdown.
Representative Michelle Bachmann is leading the charge in the Houseto stop the increase of the debt ceiling but she needs our support.
This issue is so critical even RINO Senator Lindsey Graham is threating to vote no on raising the debt ceiling emphasizing, “This is an opportunity to make sure the government is changing its spending ways….”
We have seen this too many times before.  Conservatives fight the good fight until the Establishment with all of its money and political influence garner enough votes to pass any level of spending increase they desire.
This time will be different but we must act now.  Please FORWARD this letter and video on to everyone you know.  The money the government is so rapidly spending is their money too.

Please Go Here Now
You can help spread the word and win this critical fight!

We Must Act Now
Many will say that we must increase the debt ceiling and increase it now.  That is because it is easier to increase the debt ceiling with one swipe of a pen than it is to eliminate and cut the billions of dollars of government waste and corruption from thousands of separate government programs and agencies.

In a letter to congressional leaders yesterday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said the government will reach the debt limit between March 31 and May 16.

Instead of attending political fundraisers, junkets disguised as conferences, golfing and taking multiple vacations…

Congress and the Administration should be doing their job and working to cut waste and fraud.  They have plenty of time to find a responsible solution they just need the incentive.

We will supply that incentive directly from the American people.

Go here now to join the fight
Help us get this series of ads on the air today.

Taking on the Establishment
The national debt is not a Republican or Democrat problem, this is an American disaster.  Both political parties ruled by a corrupt political Establishment are to blame.

The national debt nearly doubled under President George W. Bush and Obama has already added nearly $2 trillion more in less than 2 years.  To give you some perspective of just how ridiculously large 2 trillion is, think of it this way.  If you were to set aside $100 million each year (without interest) it would take you 20 thousand years to reach 2 trillion.

Our national debt is now over 14 trillion and our government wants more!

This is long overdue.  It is time to JUST SAY NO!!

Allowing the government to increase the debt ceiling is like giving the perpetual quitting smoker one last cigarette or an alcoholic one last drink.  It doesn’t work.

Together you and I must spread the word and hold this Congress accountable.  This ad campaign combined with our grassroots and Capitol Hill presence can make the difference.

Together we can give our government the spending intervention it needs and save our future.

Please join with me in this critical fight.  Help us spread these ads far and wide over the Internet and on National TV.


Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler


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