Investigations to unravel Obama’s cloak of corruption

From the Desk of
Scott Wheeler

Dear GOP Trust Supporter:

Happy New Year!  A very important election is now behind us and even though we sent a very clear message to Washington, there is much work to be done. With your help, we sent many new Representatives to Congress many of whom will help us fight for the Constitution and the survival of our nation but we must provide support in a number of ways.

We must be prepared to move and act quickly when issues arise that require an immediate response.  For example, we will employ national advertising campaigns to stop freedom crushing laws from being passed through Congress.  More than anything, bad legislators fear having their votes exposed to their constituents. We will hold them accountable!

WE MUST ALSO BE THE PRIMARY INVESTIGATORS OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION and THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!!!! The Congressional Oversight Committee, led by Republican Congressman Issa, is gearing up to investigate the Obama administration and I have met with members of that committee and informed them that we would once again be in the field investigating the most important scandals for which they should be aware. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help!

Regardless of what some people think, congressional committees are incapable of investigating effectively and rooting out corruption, generally they follow the media and the liberal media is not about to expose the corrupt Democrats. BUT WE WILL!!! That is why we are here and that is why we started National Investigative Media.

We are already investigating Obama, we have already uncovered some of his lies and corruption and we are now going full throttle.  We will provide the fuel for the Republicans in Congress to investigate Obama, this is a VERY IMPORTANT FUNCTION!!!  As you may recall, MY Investigative team WERE THE ONES WHO UNCOVERED BILL CLINTON’S SELLOUT OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY TO COMMUNIST CHINA!! Our work on the American Investigator television series led to several congressional investigations, Marc Morano, who was on that team and with us again now, was the single greatest weapon in exposing the global warming movement.

Once again it is now up to us… and we need your help to do it.


A history of success

We exposed Obama’s growing list of radical czars in our book Shadow Government before anyone else.  We exposed many lies Obama used to tout his healthcare disaster forcing the Democrats to use even more corrupt means to get it passed, which cost them several seats in the most recent election.  We uncovered stimulus dollars going to fund the anti-American Marxist group the Brecht Forum.  We exposed the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions Obama received from the terrorist group Hamas and many other stories the mainstream media refused to investigate and report.

Before founding both the GOP Trust and National Investigative Media, I spent nearly 20 years as an investigative journalist working undercover to expose drug runners, terrorists groups and Washington corruption.  I also produced more than 17 documentaries that have been aired worldwide.

Help Us Expose the Truth  –  Join the Fight Today.

The time is NOW!

Now we must put every ounce of our investigative prowess to work on exposing Obama and exposing the truth behind his policies and backroom deals that have pushed them through Congress.

If we are to derail the Obama Administration’s destruction of America and hold the newly elected Republicans in Congress to their conservative principles we must expose the corruption in Washington for all to see.

We will use our investigative unit NIM to uncover, produce and report the evidence of corruption and we will use the megaphone of the National Republican Trust PAC to inform the nation and give the GOP chaired congressional investigative committees the evidence they need to subpoena records and conduct official investigations. MOST IMPORTANTLY WE WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AHEAD OF ANYONE ELSE! We will do this in a variety of ways that include podcasts and video documentaries and written reports that we will send to you before it reaches the public.

We can do it but we need your help.  Please join with me and fight back now.  Together we will expose the truth and take back our country.

Go here now!  Expose the Obama Administration and Save America

We can’t afford to let Obama get away with his lies and corruption.

Thank you for all you do for the conservative cause.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
P.S. Please look out for the GOP Trust’s soon to be released video ad aimed to hold Republicans accountable for their votes on congressional spending.  A vote to increase the national debt ceiling is just weeks away.  WE MUST ACT NOW!


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